Kentucky Kingdom will add four attractions in 2018

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Kentucky Kingdom plans two new rides and two new attractions next season. In a release, the park announced a new thrill ride called Scream Xtreme and a new family ride called Rock 'n Roller. They will also add two new films to the 5D Cinema.

Read more from WDRB/Louisville.

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Anyone ever figure out what all those markers were?

The best of all the jokers is clearly Mark Hamill.

Wonder if one them (rock n roller) is a refurb of Roller skater. Was down when I visited in August, and every time I checked Coaster queue it was listed as down. Their Larson loop was down a lot too; as far as I could tell from the various queue sites.

The Rock N Roller is actually a Venture/Advantage Rides (not sure exactly but I did try Googling it!) Mini Himalaya ride. Here's an example: Mini Himalaya

Okay, thanks. Any idea what the others are? What types of rides? Kentucky Kingdom was a nice waypoint stop last time I was coming home from Dollywood. Broke up the 8 hr drive, and got to add some credits to my count.

Scream Xtreme looks like a Zamperla Endeavor.

Ya know, there are photos of the new rides in the linked article from WDRB.

Oops, didn’t scroll down far enough. Thanks

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