Kentucky Kingdom Question

I'm going to arrive in Louisville on Monday at about 4 o'clock.

Kentucky Kingdom closes at 7. Will I have enough time to hit all the coasters???

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Yeah we know the answer to that question... ;)
I'll even go out on a limb and say, "In all likelihood."

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Ha ha, it depends if one of the coasters has a 3 hour wait or not...

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Actually I can state with all certainty that the answer is NO. There is no way that anyone, given three hours at SFKK, can ride Chang, Greezed Lightning, Road Runner Express, Roller Skater, T2, Thunder Run, and Twisted Twins in 2008.

Not gonna happen.

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Unless your security guard hostage is played by John Candy . . .

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I bet I could... That sounds like a challenge Mr. Moosh.
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Oh? Is the park gonna open Twisted Twins just for you? It's closed this year.
No, Moosh knows something you must not. (Hint: go check out

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Wow, I didn't realize Twisted Twin was not operating this year. When I was there a few years ago that area of the park was dead and the twins were a walk on. What a waste.

ohh i get think i don't know twisted twins is closed...

how funny...ha...ha...and ummm...ha???

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Minus the Twins, that's 6 coasters in 3 hours. It can be done. Although I wouldn't exactly bet lots of money on it knowing SF's general operations efficiency.
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HAHA! I missed that! Well, paint my face red and call me silly! I knew that... really I did.
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3 hours should be enou

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I hate it when people hit "submit" before their post is finis
got there at 5:30 pm and only got 5 of 6 (T2, then Thunder Run, then Chang, then Greezed Lightnin, then Road Runner Express)

not bad for an hour and a half!

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Why'd you skip out on Roller Skater?!?! It's one of the best coasters in the park! ;)

But yeah, glad you got in all that you did. Did you enjoy the park/what you rode?

I had to sacrifice to the Roller Skater due to time.

I enjoyed the park for the short amount of time I was there. I've always been fond of Six Flags theming.

However, park operations were horrible! Only one train on all the big coasters and the operators took forever.

I never remember Six Flags Ohio/WOA being that bad.

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Yeah, I don't know why, but Chang has been having 10 minute dispatches all season...

That age-cutback is really hurting the park operations!

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