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I haven't posted here in a very long time and have been out of the coaster loop (bad pun, I know) for just about as long. Anyway, I'm trying to plan a trip with my kids where we will hit several parks in a 2 week period. I had S.F. Kentucky Kingdom on the list but I just found out that Twisted Sisters are SBNO. What's the story on that? I tried doing a search here but couldn't find anything. If those 2 coasters aren't running, is it really worth going there just for Chang, Thunder Run and the others?

I should add that we have S.F. passes which is a pro for going.

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Word has it that part of Six Flags cost cutting plan is to shut off certain areas at some of the parks. In other words pay the same high prices you did last year for less park this year.
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Mile High Falls is being rehabbed, and as a result of staffing problems and lack of popularity, Twisted Twins are closed all season.

Oh, and while riding Thunder Run the other day, I am *shocked* to report that TOP ELIMINATOR DRAGSTERS HAS STILL NOT BEEN REMOVED!

(What's the hold-up?!?!)

The Twins might have better popularity if they'd fix the train wreck that is the park layout back there.
SFKK has a pretty decent water park, if you and the kids like that sort of thing.

If you're going to Holiday World for your first ride on Voyage, I'd say go ahead and give SFKK a shot. They're close and you have passes anyway.

I just got back from the park this past week. You can snag discount admission online from the SFKK website.

While a few rides are closed, It's really a gem of a park. It's in a nice location. Home to a hard to find classic in Greezed Lightning. T2 is as bad as everyone says it is but Chang is a good ride. Thunder Run is probably my favorite Dinn & Sommers as it actually has air. However, the waterpark is actually the best part about the park.

The waterpark has a nice amount of slides, a nice sized wavepool, your typical lazy river (one of the nicer ones though), and a water coaster. this is probably by far the best waterpark I've visitied.

I say it's worth a visit. Prices are a bit high but not as bad as the Cedar Fair chain. I say give it a shot, it's a rather nice park. My Amusement Park Photos.
I really don't think you'd be missing much by not riding the twins. They're ok, but nothing too great. Even if they were open, and if you were looking for credits...good luck, they rarely ever had both sides open. It took me years to ride both sides.

Chang is absolutely my favorite stand-up, Thunder Run is a surprising treat for the already-mentioned airtime, and Greezed Lightnin' is just awesome, (I can ride that coaster over and over). And if it's a warm enough day, grab a ride on Deluge, (their water coaster), it's a blast and you don't need to enter the waterpark to ride it.

Lastly, Oscar Meyers "Lunchables" has coupons out for free admission to "many" SF parks for children 11 and under. If you're over 11 the coupons can be used for $10 off a general admission ticket. They aren't good at SFGAdv or on any 3-park combo ticket.

And I almost forgot! SFKK is not open for regular operation during the first two weeks of August...that is the Kentucky State Fair, and KK has an arrangement to open certain rides for the fair, but the majority of the park is not operating during that time.

Why is it not open? I think that they want to sell the park, and they rather keep those rides up so they can show potential buyers that they have those rides. Other parks though in the chain are having rides just rusting away not doing nothing so it's just Six Flags.

You have Great Adventure's rides, Great America Space Shuttle America, Houdini and Bumper Cars at SFOT, SFA's Two-Face, Great America Hurricane Harbor Wahoo Racers, and so on. There are probably more SBNO in the Six Flags chain.

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I personally think it's all about waterpark expansion. Before all is said and done that rear section of the park will be mostly waterpark rides/attractions. They've added major waterpark rides for 3-4 seasons now, (including a Tornado, Deluge, and this seasons royal flush). Mile High Falls isn't being dismantled, but from all speculation is just being refurbished. Penguins Blizzard River has had it's problems in the past, but for the past two seasons it's run very consistently, and is one of the wettest raft rides I've ever rode. Deluge is already open to both waterpark and amusement parks guests most days.

For them to move the waterparks expansion in the direction of the old Top Eliminator Dragsters and Twisted Twins would be a good layout to me. It would give them plenty of space to build on without messing with the existing amusement park rides too much. That waterpark is already the main reason most people come out to the park anyway, and it's really shaping out as a really good little waterpark, even with Splashin' Safari about an hour away. Louisville can use a waterpark like this, and I believe the cities population can more than support it. Don't kid yourself, this park does have a market, and while it's never packed to the hilt, it does stay consistently busy.

Agreed Chad and I have been pretty much thinking the same thing since the beginning of the year.

Park hours are now strictly waterpark hours even for the amusement park.

Park opened May 10th instead of late March/early April from previous years which puts it close to the waterparks seasonal opening.

I will go one step further and say that the whole back half of the park will eventually be all waterpark with Chang , T2, and Rollerskater being relocated to other parks. ThunderRun? I don't know.

Obviously as mentioned above, Mile High Falls and Blizzard River stay put and absorbed into the waterpark.

My favorite MJ tune: "Billie Jean" which I have been listening to alot now. RIP MJ.

I've had really good and really bad experiences at Kentucky Kingdom. The place is really good when it has been dead, and really bad when it has been crowded. I really did not enjoy my last visit (day after HoliWood Nights); as there was line jumping all over the park, mass chaos at the season pass processing center, and even Thunder Run ran like crap that day. Just seeing Twisted Twins sitting over there made it seem worse as well. I guess it is just a hit or miss type of deal. Hopefully it'll be nice outside if you do go, just so everyone will be in the water park and lines won't be as long. Greezed Lightnin' is good, though! *** Edited 7/8/2008 4:31:04 AM UTC by cdrpointcrazy44***


Thanks for the info. I'm leaning towards going there being that we'll be in the area and we have S.F. passes. Probably worth a day's visit.

Thanks again.

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