Kentucky Kingdom preparing for an ambitious reopening

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The same man who presided over Kentucky Kingdom's 1990s glory days wants to give the park another shot at success. Despite initial doubts, Ed Hart's Kentucky Kingdom is scheduled to reopen May 24 with a lineup that includes many of the rides from the park's early years, as well as new rides.

Read more from The LA times.

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Bedraggled? There's a word you don't hear...ever.

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Yeah, they wouldn't even accept that on Words With Friends.

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-1 to the headline writer.

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Maybe that Los Angelean is trying to sound all Kentucky-like. Unsuccessfully, I might add.

It's a pretty decent article, though, and there's a couple of things I ain't heard tell of. (that's correct Kentucky, btw) One would be the plans for T3, although I don't know what that might mean, and the other is to somehow turn the dueling tracks of the Sisters into one.

I wish this place all the luck on earth. In spite of it all, I've missed going there.

My guess for T3 would be the newer Vekoma trains with the harness instead of the banging otsrs. If they'd let Gravity Group go with the splinter, Im sure they could make a wicked recreation of Twins. Its going to need new trains anyway, SF stole em. At least even if it is the same coasters somehow. Any of the trains would stop the rib cracking.

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SF didn't steal anything. They owned the trains.

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Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened.

They stealthily removed their own trains while laughing diabolically?

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Amphibious reopening? So it's both the water park and the dry rides?

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