Kentucky Kingdom Fright Fest pictures added to Negative-G

Posted | Contributed by Paul Drabek

Negative-G has posted an extensive update with photos from Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom during the park's Fright Fest. Coasters and other rides included.

Link: Negative-G

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Nice job. That's the most I've ever seen of that park in pictures.
Great stuff, Paul. I'm glad you got evidence of the gum covered sign. I was tempted to put my own gum up there in the shape of a 'T' to see if it was still there next year.
Another superb trip report, Paul!

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I haven't seen quake running either.

I think I missed something from the above post.

Go Cats!

Love the pic of the Giant Wheel operator. A typical day at SFKK.
Chang's new pastel colors look really nice as well.
That operator sat there for at least 15 minutes like that. What was worse was the line backing up due to just 1 ride op on the Tin Lizzies while 2 other ride ops played basketball in the garage.
Oh man. Classic. Too bad you didn't get video of that.
I did spend one of my visits to SFKK with three ride ops from the park down the block and they were shocked at what they saw. They stated several times had they been doing what the ride ops at SFKK were they'd certainly be fired on the spot.

Nice pics.

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