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Tuesday, April 9, 2002 4:32 PM

On Friday April 5th I jumped in my car at Indianapolis, put in my favorite bluegrass tape and drove 2 hours South on I-65 to Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom in Louisville, Kentucky. I’m from Wabash, Indiana, but I drove to Indy the night before and stayed at my brother’s. On my way to Kentucky Kingdom I passed my exit and had to stop to ask someone how to get there, but that happens to me a lot.

I was expecting a terrible experience at Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom since I have heard a few bad things about this park. What I found was a pleasant little park. Perhaps my expectations were easily exceeded since I had none and this was the first big coaster experience I had this year. I was only the second person in line for tickets, but eventually managed to be about the 50th person in line to get in the gate; I still don’t know how that happened, but I had a great conversation with boomhowers cousin.

They opened the gates at 11 and there stood Bugs and friends with park employees snapping pictures of guests as they came in. My itinerary was set so I headed over the bridge directly toward the big yellow stand-up Chang. There were two people who beat me to the ride because I stopped to take a few pictures, by the time I got to the train, they were already locked down and ready to go, so I had to wait. I looked around and took a few more pictures then 2 others and myself took the front car out of the station. Chang was fun and smooth. I thought that the ride was very comfortable in the front and back until later that day when the ride was full and I noticed it was a little rougher with a full load or maybe my head was just starting to get sensitive from non-stop riding for 6 hours.

After Chang I headed towards T2. There was a small line for the front seats so I waited. I had a nice conversation with the kid behind me who loved T2. He didn’t stop talking about it once while in line. Then came the time to ride and I had to go it alone since no one was with me. The kid said, "you go ahead, I’m gonna get the next ride". The seats were very comfortable. I loved the grip handles and the shoulder restraints; they were so soft on my ears. The ride itself was good too. It scared me a couple of times when the ride slowed because it throws you forward in your seat somewhat. I rode this one twice too, once in the front and once in the back. This is when I found out that you can stay in your seat if no one is in your line and if someone is waiting for your seat, you can go find an empty seat without having to go all the way around; I just loved that.

I thought that it was time to hit a woodie, so I headed towards Twisted Twins. The sun was shinning all day and now things were really starting to warm up. Twisted Twins had no line to speak of so I jumped in the front seat. This roller coaster was squeaky. It squeaked for most of the ride; I didn’t care for the extra noise, but I rode it twice anyway. There was only one side running which means I’ll have to go back to ride the other side someday soon. I was not too impressed with twisted twins. Maybe I would have liked it better if both sides were running and I was told that the other side is more fun anyway.

I stepped off of the Twins and tried to find the line for Thunder Run, it wasn’t that easy, but I eventually found it concealed under the coaster itself. So far things were okay, I had ridden 3 different coasters twice for a total of 6 rides in under an hour, plus a lot of picture taking. Woodies are my favorite and I was a bit disappointed in the first one I rode. Now I had a rear seat on Thunder Run. This ride knocked my socks off. You hit the first high banked turns so hard, it is unbelievable and then that first bunny hop after the curve, the air time is amazing. You are out of your seat over that entire hop. There is plenty more airtime is the rest of the ride, but nothing like that first hop. Last week someone said that this ride had no air time, well they must have fixed the air time on it cause it is incredible. I rode the front seat next and the airtime was still great. Me and the guy beside me both had our eyes tearing when we came to the brake run. We looked at each other, smiled and nodded. He must have loved it as much as I did. This was definitely my favorite ride in the park. I winded up riding this ride 6 times before moving on to Roller Skater.

Roller Skater is not a very good Kiddie Coaster. It doesn’t stand up at all too other kiddie coasters I’ve been on. I thought that it might be time for some lunch after this ride so I stopped by a pizza place.

I guess that I have come to expect a thankyou when I get something from a restaurant or retail store, but they apparently don’t realize that at the place where I ate. They just kind of tossed my pizza on the counter and walked away. I didn’t mind but I did take note of it because I had heard that the employees here were not among the most courteous in the amusement park industry and I was looking for rudeness all day. This was the only incedent and not that bad. Everyone else seemed nice and I did talk to a couple of them for a few minutes. The next ride was Roadrunner and it was interesting, but the line was the longest line in the entire park. I guess this is the ride that all the little kids wanted to get on and there are no trains just single cars so it must slow the line down.

Now all the coasters were out of the way so I thought that I should make a few phone calls and take my first restroom break. That 32-ounce pop was knocking on the door. After I got off the phone I saw a line forming for a motion simulator ride so I thought I’d give it a try. It was the first ride I had ever been on like this and it was fun. I was wishing I could ride one with the wrap around screen.

I walked around taking pictures for a while longer. I decided to ride the Enterprise and Hellevator. Then I thought I’d better make my rounds on the coasters one last time so I headed back to Chang. The lines were about 30 – 40 minutes this time on Chang and T2. The Twisted Twins line was still small and they were still allowing re-rides. Then I road Thunder Run one last time before heading home. I stopped and bought a key chain for myself and bought one for a girl I like whom had a birthday the next day. I left realizing that the season was early and maybe things don’t run as smooth for this park on busy, but I was satisfied, completely satisfied while stuck in rush hour traffic in Louisville on a Friday night for an hour.

Mike Middleton - Guide to Indiana Beach

Tuesday, April 9, 2002 10:13 PM
LOL! Sounds like an eventful time. Yeah, I was blown away at Thunder Run's performance opening weekend. Unbelievable! That alone was worth the trip this year. I have made a few visits over the last few years, and enjoy it for the most part. But there is a number of things that need attention, and KK seems like the last SF park to get it. But it has come a long way from its origin as a fairgrounds! And you can't beat those early season pass prices! :) If only both were running! That makes a world of difference. I was pleased with the employees, and turnover was great, except for Chang which was at one train that day. I also think their mouse was a perfect addition.
Brad Sherman
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Wednesday, April 10, 2002 5:50 AM

Wabash Cannonball said:
"I didn’t mind but I did take note of it because I had heard that the employees here were not among the most courteous in the amusement park industry and I was looking for rudeness all day. "

The fact that you were *looking* for rudeness doesnt sit well with me, but in any case, I had the absolute coin-flipped experience. All the workers I've encountered during my 3 visits to the park were *extremely* nice. Slow as hell yes, but still extremely nice. In fact, the only place that I saw nicer employees was @ Holiday World. The SFKK people were nicer than the folks @ DisneyLand, not near as efficient, but very kind.

BTW: I thought Chang was green...
--who thinks Chang should go back to yellow :)

Wednesday, April 10, 2002 5:52 AM
Thunder Run is certainly the gem of this park, especially in the ejector seat. Twisted Sisters, er, Twins, was running well when I was there last year, but I keep hearing mixed reports.

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Wednesday, April 10, 2002 5:27 PM

I wasn't looking for rudeness as much as I was just expecting it. I had the immpression that this place had rude employees from listening to others experiences, but I did find the opposite to be true. To be honest I wouldn't have even noticed the lack of a thank you at the pizza place had I not had the immpression that I was going to be treated rudely. I was actually treated good. Now when I am at Holiday World I will expect the opposite because I have heard that they have the friendless staff. I will be expecting to be treated better than at any other park in the world.

Mike Middleton - Guide to Indiana Beach

Wednesday, April 10, 2002 5:44 PM
I was there opening weekend, and I agree, Thunder Run is hands down the best ride in the park. Like you said, the air on that first hill is heaven. I was also amazed at the speed of this little coaster, it never lets up.

So many coasters, so little vacation time....

Thursday, April 11, 2002 8:37 PM

thunder run blew my mind last friday, the bunny hops provided nonstop airtime. it was great.

Sunday, April 14, 2002 2:58 PM

The fact that you were *looking* for rudeness doesnt sit well with me

I agree, but if you spend any amount of time on this site, you can't help but expect a horrible time at SFKK. I have always had good times at this park, but I'll admit, the first time I went, I braced myself for the worst.

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