Kentucky fair board will recommend new operator for Kentucky Kingdom site

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The Kentucky State Fair Board Thursday will consider selection of a new operator for the closed Kentucky Kingdom amusement park at the Kentucky Exposition Center. Two companies submitted proposals to run the park.

Read more from The Courier-Journal.

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The article mentions that Six Flags is still in bankruptcy and that the rides are in bankruptcy court? I thought Six Flags was out of bankruptcy and the ride ownership was being disputed by Six Flags and not by a bankruptcy court. It sounds like the Fair board is awfully sure that they are going to get ownership of those rides.

Certain victory.

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The following article states the interested party is a former owner.

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Glad to see some positive news for once. i look forward to seeing how the parks does under new ownership.

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KK may be looking at a real comeback. This is seriously good news for the park. Regardless of what happens with the all the other disputed rides, it is hard to imagine that Twisted Sisters wouldn't remain on-site, since SF certainly didn't see any desire to have the coaster run at any of their parks previously. But anything could happen...especially now.

Regardless of how Six Flags has changed under Shapiro's watch and with its emergence from bankruptcy, I still can't help the feeling that parting ways with the chain could end up being a very good thing for this park.

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My interest in paying KK a visit suddenly piqued. I've never wanted to go, because of the name brand, and I only live a few hours from there.

I'll believe it when I see it.

Perhaps the Kentucky Fair Board can say that Six Flags abandoned the rides and the rides now belong to Kentucky Fair.

Will these new operators just maintain the existing rides and nothing else? Or will they bring in new rides? And how much control will they have over the management of the Park? And how will they share the profits? Lot's of questions out there to be answered.

One other thing. It's not good to let a wooden roller coaster sit for nearly two years with no maintenance. I can imagine the track steel on their wooden coaster is getting rather rusty at this point if it hasn't been coated with grease and who's been there to do that job? Nobody, probably.

The $20 million in rehab money (mentioned in the Courier-Journal article) would be more than enough to get Thunder Run and (provided they can get trains) Twisted Twins going again...

The real interesting thing is they seem to think they can sort out ride ownership within 30 days... I'm a bit skeptical on that, but hey, I'd be happy to be wrong.

I agree with you bitOmike. Determining who owns what can drag through the courts for months if not years. And 20 million should restore any damage that has occurred during the idle time.

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Unless the 2 sides are close to an out of court settlement. Remember, any rides SF owns they have to pay to move. That plus the fact that all of the rides are "used" is probably a very good starting point for negotiations.

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Depending on what is goign on 20 million may be a low number. if they keep twisted twins, given their rating I think it woudl be a mistake, your looking at 2.5 million with retracking , new wood, and new trains. Another Million or so for Thunder Run. They still have 4 more coasters to rehab, 37 rides (feel free to check count), and the water park. The park itself will like need a few million in repairs as well.

There is also land with park attractions that is owned by SFI. so they will need to buy that and those rides of of SFI.

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