Kennywood's Sky Rocket roller coaster opens in just a few days

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With three different inversions throughout the shiny, bright blue track, the Sky Rocket is the only current Kennywood coaster to flip riders upside-down, and the first since 2001. While not as high or as big as Kennywood favorite the Phantom's Revenge, the constant twists and turns the track takes on its 2,100-foot course make the ride seem daunting to the faint of heart.

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Having just been there to see the ride in person. I wonder what morning crowds will be like at the front of the park. Particularly near the tunnel. The entrance is immediately on the right as you come out of the tunnel. Not must of a running of the bulls to get to this ride.

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I think it's pretty neat that this ride has no OSR's! I think that will make this ride a gem.

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By the way, there is another fundraiser here. I know that we're there are an awful lot of charities asking for stuff, but here's the link in case you can help out:

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I thought the ride looked good before I knew it had no OSR's, now I'm really looking forward to riding. Now if only Intamin could retro-fit Mavrick with similiar restraints, that would be awesome (assuming Intamin could design someting that would actually keep riders in the train, which is a big assumption)

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^How convienient Intamin designed restraints with easily removable OTSRs, but also a lap bar. Those metal/plastic shoulder bars are easily removable, and the lap bar is already there, wrapping around you. Take a good look at em ;)

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These are Intamin's alternate restraints. They were just recently put onto Intimidator 305.

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So has it been confirmed that Intimidator 305 did get the new restraints?

Heard it was a still to come rumor. Yes putting this on Maverick would

make me ride it again. These are the curves and transitions that I305 / Maverick should have not those neck snappers. Yet with new restraints who knows.

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There are pics and video of the new restraints, so they're on there.

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Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened.

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Just got back from the park. Sky Rocket was testing today (obviously) and one great thing I noticed is that they are adjusting the trims on the first drop and the mid-course. It appears 2 fins have been removed from the top of the first hill, and several have been removed/adjusted from the mid-course. Maintenance was going up in a lift in between each test run to adjust further. Very impressed that the park is doing this much tweaking of the ride to make sure it is running it's best. For your entertainment I have edited the 2 videos together and uploaded them to YouTube.

NOTE: Make sure to bump the quality up to 480p for a better experience.

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I've already been on it. I was at the park for the ACE convention and they were filming the commercial and needed extras. My nephew and I were picked and had to ride it 12 times.

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It definitely looks faster. Can't wait to get up there and ride this at some point.

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Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened.

Sky Rocket was awesome! Dare I say, better than Maverick.

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Josh, your videos show the ride running at a perfect pace to me! Have they been testing with two trains yet? I am worried it is going to open with a one train operation.

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Opened with two trains this morning. (1/2 hour early, actually. :) )


We got to ride it yesterday and it's a great ride and great fit for Kennywood. It's very smooth, quiet and the airtime is incredible. You get airtime in places you wouldn't think you would. The rolling launch is pretty darn cool. It's got good balance on the intensity scale. Enthusiasts will dig it a lot, but I don't think it's too intense to scare off the younger riders. If you are tall, sit in row 1, 2 or 5 (there is a sign in line to let you know this). The shin guards were a little tight on me in the last row of the car so I would imagine it could be a little uncomfortable for tall people.

So the big question...What is the money seat?

Well, no seat is bad but the front seat is AMAZING!! Absolutely scarifyingly, incredible in the front seat.

Lovin' the positive reviews. I can't wait to get on this thing -- may even snag a visit next week.

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Showing up tonight at around 9pm! Can't wait!

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Fun ride. I expected more but that's my own fault. Ultra smooth and quiet with lots of weeeeee moments.

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