Kennywood's King Kahuna malfunctions

That is no good, but not really news worthy I would say. Being upside down like that on TRFKATR (The Ride Formerly Known as Tomb Raider) for just 20 seconds was very uncomfortable, but I wouldn't say it caused bruises.

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20 seconds < 10 minutes.

I certainly had quite a few bruises when I did a mini-TR:TR-thon for a commercial shoot in 2003, so I'm certain they aren't lying about that.

A neck brace, however... Something seems a bit fishy about that. I'm 97.6% sure we'll hear from her, and/or her attorney again in the future.

I suspect bull too on the neck brace. The restraint on a Huss Topspin is far enough that the real pressure would be on the shoulders.
They have had nothing but problems with that since they got it from Lake Compounce where it ran good the whole time they had it. When i was there a couple of weeks ago it was closed with lots of work going on with it.

This was posted at Screamscape.

Ms. Smith features prominently in the interview. (And the Emmy goes to...)

Now, to be fair, I won't discount the obvious inconvenience and discomfort associated with 10 full minutes of hang time. I would be hating it, too. But the way she describes the incident seems like the normal action of any Top Spin ride. You know, stops suddenly, dangles you upside down, all that. (Well, all except for the 10 minutes part...)

I'm on the large side, and Ms. Smith seems like she might be as well. I know when I ride a Top Spin, which is hardly ever, I feel very stapled in and the restraints press hard against my chest, keeping me from taking as deep a breath as I'm used to. It also keeps me from flying out. Having to experience that sensation for that length of time must've been rough, though, not to mention frightening.

Did the cameras chase her out to her car? Seems so. The bad thing, too, is they don't know what happened and Mary Lou seems at a rare loss. And you're right, Raven-Phile, I doubt that a "return day on us" will be enough to appease some of 'em!

BTW, be sure to check the dummys and their fabulous hair extensions!

Neck brace? She must have a weak neck. Then again, if the ride stopped inthe wrong spot, it could be as simple as corosion in some switch or sensor in the ride.

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The bad thing, too, is they don't know what happened and Mary Lou seems at a rare loss


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Ever fake sick to call off work or skip school? That's what that woman looked like she was doing to me.

Okay, now the ride program on that particular Top Spin looks like a really wild one. Shame that it got shut down. LOL

I can see where constant pressure on the shoulder area could cause some neck stiffness. I doubt that anyone got a serious injury from it, but put enough pressure on that tender area in the shoulders, and your neck likely will hurt..not to mention that after a few minutes of hanging upside down, all the blood has GOT to be floating in your head and making your head hurt, so what do you do? You strain to hold your head up, also making the neck hurt more. Not saying that our lovely lady Ms. Smith isn't a little melodramatic (if she was so hurt by the thing, why would she take the time to speak to cameramen instead of going to the doctor and having her damn head and neck looked at), but I can see why she would have the injuries she has.

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