Kennywood's Exclusive Adventure AKA The Great Kennywood Caper - Sept 7

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It’s the return of The Great Kennywood Caper, a once-every-three-years benefit for the Consortium for Public Education. From the time the gates open at 5:15 p.m. until closing at 11 p.m., adults will have the historic West Mifflin, Pa., amusement park to themselves for an exclusive evening of “big-kid” fun – rides, games, prizes and entertainment.

This was a fund raiser event where almost every penny spent went to a good cause.

We got to the park at around 5:30 and pulled into the pay parking which was free for the night. We walked in and it was really strange. It was like we had the place all to ourselves, it would get busier as the night moved on, but we never had to wait for a ride more than one cycle for any ride.

- Penn Brewery had their beers there for $2 during happy hour, and $3 after. Thats cheaper than at the brew pub! I believe they donated the barrels and equipment.

- Got six rides on the Phantom for the night. Three right after one another at around 5:30, and two night rides. All amazing as usual.

- Its funny how even the most normal people turn into coaster enthusiasts when given the chance. People were staying on for re-rides, running around the exits to get on the coasters again and cheering for more.

- People started dropping off their drinks in the carry on bins on the rides in the most cases, but in the case of Phantom were leaving them right on the station floor. LOL, it was a really relaxed, party atmosphere everywhere. The crews and volunteers did an awesome job.

- Played lots of games, drank lots of beer and entered some drawings. It all went to a good cause so I wasn't as tight with the game money as usual.

- Monica still hates SwingShot which is disappointing cause I never get to ride it. I love that ride.

- An off center Exterminator ride while drinking beer is not always the smartest thing. I think we spun more than we ever have. One member of our party had to make that her last ride for the night, then proceeded to go home and barf.

- Got three, back seat rides on the Jack Rabbit to end the night without getting off. Tremendous!

All in all we had an awesome night, it was probably the most fun I have had at Kennywood and I will go back for the next one for sure. I will make sure to post a news item when the next one is announced cause I am sure there are plenty of enthusiasts here that would love to go. *** Edited 9/13/2007 5:52:45 PM UTC by eightdotthree***

I rode a Boomerang coaster after drinking a few beers way back when the one in Wildwood NJ was new. I really don't think (especially at my age) that I would want to ride and drink beer together again.... though the "big kids" night concept sounds like a lot of fun.
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People are so much nicer when they are waiting in lines all day, dealing with kids and grumpy workers. Everyone from the staff to the riders were having a blast.

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