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I visited Kennywood yesterday as an out of state patron. I also noticed while talking with people that some were from new jersey and a great number from ohio. We also happened to see people wearing shirts that depicted alot of sports and such from the cleveland area.

My thought is that kennywood's advertising must be doing wonders out of state. I know in cleveland we get a good share of it, and at work we began selling tickets yesterday at my store, albeit a bit late in the season. I also am wondering if there are figures for the out of state crowds, that the park or the corporation that owns the park releases, that would indicate what areas people come from, although i know this might sound crazy.

I know i might not get answers on this, because i dont know if they do formal surveys throughout the park or if they do them at all. Also i know that they have been over the last few years, along with geauga lake trying to win over guests in the outlying areas especially on state borders. I wonder who actually outdraws one another, any help would be appreciated if possible.

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Well we were first time out of state patrons of KW this season and loved our visit. I remember when we stayed on Milan Road in Sandusky during Mania that we saw several commercials for KW on tv. Looks like they have a lot of fun with that yellow arrow. :)
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Sometimes when i drive there I'm very thankful for those yellow arrows! =)
Kennywood knows how many tickets they sell online and where the people buying them live.

Don't forget, the Cleveland area is closer to Kennywood than half of PA is.

I haven't looked this year, but last year there were several Kennywood Billboards all over the western suburbs of Cleveland.
330 miles for me and I've visited at least once for the past six years.

First year I don't think im gonna make it since 98


Joe E. said:
I haven't looked this year, but last year there were several Kennywood Billboards all over the western suburbs of Cleveland.

They're back. Plenty of KW billboards and the TV stations and radio stations have run an insane amount of ads for KW here. I have seen a GL commercial maybe 3 times but it has to be well over 100 KW commercials that I have seen/heard.


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Heh, about 4500 miles away for me and I've been there... oh hang on...

I seen the Kennywood commercials when I was out at Cedar Point at the beginning of the season. I live in Harrisburg PA, and I have never seen Kennywood advertised in our area. I don't know why they don't.

I know we are 200 miles away, but I think they could draw from our area if they advertised. Maybe word of mouth is so strong in our area that they don't need to advertise. There are a lot of people that live in the Harrisburg from the Pittsburgh area.

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