Kennywood....7/21/02..first time! :)

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hey fellow buzzers....on 7/21 i embarked on my dream Ohio/PA coaster conquest after months of preperation. i would have writtin these TRs earlier, but i have been swamped getting ready for here we first stop.....

Upon arriving at the park, i got out of my car and the first thing i heard was this loud, bellowing siren....bayurn kurve!!!! it had been years since riding one of these. i knew that this day would not dissapoint. i went and got my ticket, walked under the alarmingly YELLOW tunnel, and into my new favourite park:)

first ride was teh Bayurn Kurve....PKD had one of these yeeaaarrrrssss ago...(for those of you who remember Mt Kiliminjaro) it did a decade ago, it did not dissapoint:) then onto my fav flat, the ENterprise. im not sure why i love these things so much....its just one of lifes quirky obsessions. but the horizon was looming a might steel beast, and it was callin my name.....

Phantoms Revenge....ya know, im one to never say a coaster is perfect. i mean, theres just too many categories a coaster would have to top out at. however, PR seems to me to be, well the perfect hyper :) i took a front ride for my inaugural run....the first drop was nothing really mind blowing, but it was really, REALLY sweet:) good ol fashioned Arrow goodness....and the first camelback was really cool too. that climb delivered some suprising floating airtime....then of course that amazing drop down to the going to sum this up, cause i have three other parks to write about tonite....ok, the second half of PR....holy crap;) thats pretty much what i said. 6 good moments of absolutely hammering airtime!!! PR is my new #1 steel....i mean, speed, laterals, postive Gs, great airtime, and intensity...all the elements of a good one package...thank you Morgan..and Arrow ;)

Thunderbolt....this was the only dissapointment of the day for me. first off, i had no idea you couldnt ride they made me wait almost 20 minutes for another solo rider. that pissed me off. finally i sat in 1-3....and to be honest, i dont know what all the fuss is about. no really great airtime to speak of. the first drop out of the station is cool, and the opening helix is fun, but not when you are sitting next to a very large sweatsoaked stranger. anyways...perhaps i would have enjoyed it more had my riding comfort been more tolerable....

next was to be Exterminator, however, as i later found out, it would be closed all that day due to some problems...i never did find out what was going on....but i wanted to end my count there at 75 coasters, so i talked this nice lady into letting me ride with her son on Lil Phantom....haha, nothing to write home about, but it made for a nice coaster #73:)

Jack Rabbit.....ok, now this was the shocker of the day, perhaps the entire trip. KicksTheSky, a fellow Buzzer, told me to ride in 3-1....without telling me about the double down. the first half of the ride is kinda lame....but wow..for those of you who have ridden this John Miller masterpiece, you know what i speak of!!!! that double down is the single most frighting, insane bit of ejector airtime i have EVER experience on any type of amusement park ride!! i actually got scared for my life, clutching the "lap bar" as hard as i could. haha, Yours Truly here actually spent a good 20 seconds trying to pull down that "lap bar". AWESOME woodie, and now proudly somewhere in my top 5 of woodies.....

finally, the Racer..and my 75th coaster...and guess what?!?! it just HAPPENED to be the Racers 75th Bday!!!! :) dude, i was so stoked about that:) anyway, it was awesome....again, Miller at his best. and yes, to this day, i am STILL trying to figure out that continuous track thing.....Robodud (rob) tried his best to do so, but i just cant get it. Jeff, or Rideman if you one of you could bust out the mad coaster knowledge and explain to 'ol vacoasterfreak how it works, haha:)

throughout the day, i also rode several flat rides....the Old Mill was very to meet another Buzzer on there...Dale somebody...Dale what is your last name?? i wanna say like Casgar or something...anyway, Dale if you read this sorry man:) the Logjammer was definitely a very cool log flume, and i had a lot of fun conquering some other flats around the park. and of course, for dinner i had those famous fries and cheddar at the Potato Patch. they were delicious, BUT not to the degree that everyone makes them out to be...but still great nonetheless.

I had a BLAST at Kennywood....this park has savoured such a charm from the days of old, yet still has plenty of thrills to match todays newest scream machines....while CCI (before they went out) and others are building new high tech, record breakiing woddies, the Miller Masterpieces, as i call them, are still just simply amazing. i urge all of you who have not yet been, try to get out to Pittsburgh this fall or next spring and experience what truly is America's Finest Tradtional Amusement Park:)

Tim.....(i miss PR:()

hey...thats my story..and im stickin by it!!! :)
PKD 2003...drop rides will never be the same...Intamin rocks!! :)

Too bad you missed out on some of there better flat ride. Nice TR.


Ah... you missed the silly-but-fun classic, Kangaroo! That little ride sure packs a lot of fun for its size!

And, heh, I felt the same way you felt about practically everything you said, *except* Thunderbolt. I didn't think it was the worlds greatest, but the ravine adds lots of fun to it. Then again, I didnt have to ride with your 'sweatsoked stranger' heh :)

LOL, airtime addict:) each his own. ill make it back there next year im sure...and ill totally give T-bolt another chance. i didnt see the kangaroo?! i dont think so anyway.....i rode so many rides there, i dont really remember which was which, haha:)

hey...thats my story..and im stickin by it!!! :)
PKD 2003...drop rides will never be the same...Intamin rocks!! :)

Tim, if you had ridden the kangaroo, you would NOT have forgotten it. It's just one of the strangest flats around, and I dont know why it fell out of grace.



--who did NOT feel the air on JackRabbit

We need to get you back on Jackrabbit, and in the back seat. I don't remember if you've ridden it again since we were there, but that ride I had with you was definitely sub-par.

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Hi Tim,

It's Dale Caskey. You were on the right track with the last name LOL! It was nice to meet you at Kennywood. I'm happy that the park made the same impression on you that it did me on my first visit in the early 90's. I agree that the double down on the JackRabbit is on of the greatest elements in coasterdum.

Take it easy,

Kennywood wants two riders on the Thunderbolt because they don't want you sliding side to side in the seat. With no center divider in the seat, you are thrown from side to side and they fear that one rider could get hurt. Two riders kinda lock each other in so you can't slide too far.

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