Kennywood WTAE day, 7/10 2003

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Tuesday, July 15, 2003 8:42 AM
It’s been 2 years since ive been to Kennywood, and I was itching to see what changes had been made in that time, and also to ride Phantoms Revenge again. We (a group of my family and cousins and aunt and uncle’s and grandma of 10 people, who were all in the Pittsburgh area to go to a wedding) decided it would be best to go on WTAE day, Thursday July 10th, because the RAD price was only 17.95 and the general admission was free. It was just barely raining when we left southern Pittsburgh, but by the time we got to Kennywood, it was pouring…It wasn’t looking good. We got to the gate in the pouring rain, and entered the park. Ive never seen the park this empty. The parking lot was so deserted. Jack Rabbit was running in the now light rain, so we all took a ride on that. The rain let up, and it didn’t rain again until we left the park around 6. Turned out the crowds were very light all day, and the longest I waited was 30 minutes for exterminator. Jack Rabbit: 10 minute wait. Built in 1921, this ride is a gem. I can’t imagine how scary that double dip was when it first opened. Crazy floater air that lasts all the way down the drop. And the minimal restraints (a stationary lap bar and a loose fitting seat belt), make the double dip all that much more fun. It’s a shame the double dip is really the only exciting part of the ride. 7/10 Racer: 2 train wait. It’s a unique ride, because it’s a single track racing coaster, which is very rare(maybe this is the only one?) This means that if you start on the left side of the station, you end up on the right, and vice versa.(most of you probably already know that). But there’s really not much to this one. Some decent air from the back seat, but not much elsewhere. Gotta love the handslapping. 5/10 Thunderbolt: 1 train wait. Another gem. Great air from the back seat, not so much elsewhere. Love the laterals. If they ever add seat dividers, it would ruin the ride. The ravine drops are very exciting for how small they are. Still in my top 5 fav. Rollercoasters ever. 9/10 Phantoms Revenge: Just as good as I remember it, and the line never got out of the station all day(and that’s with 1 train operation) The air is great from all seats, but it is SICK from the back seat. Insane ejector air, unlike any. I thought Magnum couldn’t be beat when it comes to air, until I rode this baby in 2001. I love the restraints that pull down from the side, and the trains are wide and spacious. The breaks near the end don’t seem to detract from the final bunny hill, at all, surprisingly. Sure it’s a little short for a hyper, but it’s also the best hyper ever built. 9.5/10 Exterminator: A really unique ride, the second best indoor rollercoaster ive ever rode(second to Chaos at opryland). Insane spinning action in the dark. (although it didn’t seem quite as dark as I remember from past years) I love the bunny hop at the end. Good themeing too, too bad not all of it works. They need to get the guy on the left in the lift hill working, I remember him, now its pitch dark where he used to be, so I have to guess. 7/10 Kennywood has the best collection of flat rides ever. Pitt Fall is my favorite drop ride, and you gotta love rides like the Bayen Curve, Auto Race(which I didn’t get to ride this time, sadly), Flying Carpet, Old Mill, Gold Rusher, Aero 360, and so many others. I was wearing a Top Thrill Dragster tee shirt, and a few of the ride ops commented on it. J Speaking of ride ops, Kennywood does have some problems in this department. Nearly every op I came across looked bored out of their minds, and just unhappy to be there. Not that they didn’t do their job, they did, but almost never with a smile like you see at Cedar Point regularly. The Phantoms Revenge op’s were particularly annoying, they had conversations among each other using the loudspeaker that is supposed to be used to instruct riders. That’s un-called for, IMO. Other than that, I cant complain, park was clean, food was great(and a lot cheaper than Cedar Point, not to mention better tasting), and lines were short. Pittsburgh is lucky to have a park this unique.

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