Kennywood T/R Aug. 20th.

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Monday, August 20, 2001 10:44 PM
 Well, I will get right to it on the rides, food, and overall park.

(Rated 1-10, 10 being the best, you get the pic)
Good ride, nice themeing, it felt like a big tilt-a-whirl when it started to spin. I liked the comp. theme, but those looked a little old. Overall great ride, an a nice set of drops too. Rode 1 time.

Great drop out of station, and an awesome view of PR. The turns pull some massive laterals. I liked the drops down in the ravine, though a little rough, they are alot of fun. Rode this about 4 times.

Jack Rabbit:9
Awesome trains, no doubt the best coaster trains ever. I loved the nice drops and the tunnel. The double dip was amazing, I got standing air-time the whole way down. Great crew, and great ride. Rode about 4 times.

Awesome looking coaster, although a little on the short side, it packs a punch. Easily the funnest (can't think of a better word) coaster I have ever been on. That last drop gives you standing air-time. Rode 3 times, won 2 out of 3.(red train rules!)

Phantom's Revenge:10
I never thought that a coaster originally made by Arrow, and re-designed by Morgan could ever top out something made by CCI (Villain) or something made by Intamin (M-Force) but it DID! This is easily the best coaster I have ever been on. To start it off, the trains are awesome, the colors they use match so well, and those lap-bars should be called thigh-bars! The trains were VERY comf. and although a little on the large side, I liked them much better than the Intamin hyper/giga trains. The first drop is amazing, it gives you great floater air-time. The climb up to the second drop gives you great air-time if you sit in the front. The drop is amazing, it pushed my hands and head down and I couldn't move them until we started into the turn! I could not believe how many G's this thing pulls, pos. and neg!

 I loved the turn, drop, and tunnel, it gave the feeling of tremendous speed. The bunny hops are amazing, they launch you out of the seat. The double dip is awesome and the last hop into the breaks made my mom's keys hop out of their purse! Greatest ride I have ever been on, and it goes to show you that those damn Intamin hypers are for wusses! If you want a hyper, go Morgan!

Food was very good, I loved the patato patch fries. The chicken was REAL chicken and it was all very good. Easily the best food I have had at an amusement park.

Overall Rating:10
Kennywood is an awesome park and although they don't have huge rides every year like SFWoA they still know how to show you a good time. The food is great, the coasters are great, and the overall atmosphere of the park was VERY relaxing.

I would easily trade K-Wood for SFWoA any-day! I could stick out at the back of the park and ride Jack Rabbit and Racer all day, it's such a wonderful park and I don't think even CP comes close to it.

I truly hope with all my heart that whatever SFWoA is getting, a hyper or giga I hope to god it's a Morgan! You have not lived until you have ridden Phantom's Revenge in the front seat at 10:30! The best moments of my life! LONG LIVE PR!

How come Kennywood doesn't have a season pass? I would easily go there 2-3 times a year if they had one. You can definately count on me being back next year!

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Tuesday, August 21, 2001 4:37 PM
Glad you liked "my" park, but man are you gonna hear it for that CP comment!  (Although, it's true, of course ;) )
"Let's go out and have some fun!" (New Order)
Tuesday, August 21, 2001 5:25 PM
Compare if you want, but its kind of stupid to compare KW to CP now-a-days. CP has been and is shooting towards being a destination themepark where people stay multiple days etc. KW is on the other end of the spectrum.
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Tuesday, August 21, 2001 6:07 PM
From what I heard, Kennywood doesn't have a season pass for the same reason they don't let in people under 19 for general admission. They're trying to keep out some of the rougher element who would loiter and destroy the family atmosphere. Phantom's Revenge is on my virtual top 10, but it's definitely behind S:ROS at SFA. The only other Morgan I can compare PR to is Steel Force, and that coaster is very tame in comparison. Remember a good part of PR is still Arrow's design.

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