Kennywood TR: 5/19

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An overview:

Weather was perfect. Sunny and not scorching hot. Crowds were there but very tolerable due to all rides running multiple trains and quick crews (rare to see ANY stacking). Impressed overall with operations and staffing, no real issues except for one (see below).

The Rides:

Phantoms Revenge: Opened with one train and the second placed later on. Rode it about four times I believe never waiting more than 15mins maybe. Crew's did not stack and had that train out when the other was doing the turtle-roundabout. The ride was fast, powerful, and fun! A little short but a blast! Good as I remember.

Thunderbolt: I was not all that impressed with when I rode it the past year for the first time, but this year changed my mind on it. Not the best by any means, but that helix is insane! Such a fun ride!

Cosmic Chaos: I really enjoy the martian theme the ride has. The ride itself was decent, but not as good as I remember at IAAPA when I rode it. I don't know if the scale changed or whatnot, or if I just didn't have that good of a ride, who knows. But a solid ride that had 3/4 to full queue lines all day!

Jack Rabbit: Another ride I didn't like all that much last time... But luckily, we managed to get the back-seat and I must admit, the double-down does have some serious air. However, the ride itself is pretty... Lame?. Not much too it!

Kangaroo: What a classic! Nothing beat's a flatride with airtime!

Swingshot: I think that's the name, haha. I was quite excited to ride as I REALLY like these rides and look forward to them quite alot. At first, I really thought the paint scheme and location was not all that great compared to skyhawk, and well, slingshot sucked. Today the ride ran both sides which constantly became mis-balanced as they ran causing the ride to stop early. It was constantly offering one-full-swing rides before it would shut down, including ours. Skyhawk runs better, inverts more, the location is better, and IMO is a superior attraction in every way, but for those who have not been on both it still is a great ride regardless, but im just spoiled with a better version...

Garfield: Creepy attraction. I think kennywood has some obsession with weird attractions? Haha, they are classic's I know, but still funny/creepy none-the-less.

Noah's Ark: See above.

Exterminator: First time on this ride due to it being shut down last time I was there. I really dug the theming and the ride itself was pretty good. We got spinning quite fast and were pretty disorientated once we got off (I could barley walk a straight line!). But I do prefer Disney's version though a bit more.

The little mine ride: Don't know the name, but this ride was a blast! Made me jump quite a few times... :)



It is NICE to go to a park that does not rob you for food. Found some killer $1 burgers and corndogs, cheap drinks, and good value's all around. All of the food was good and I really enjoyed the fries with gravy! Unique, and good, haha. Good selection and I wish that GL and CP would somehow compare to the food at places such as Knoebels, KW, Dollywood and Holiday World... But we know that won't happen!

Overall we had a pleasant day at the park! :)c

another satisfied customer as usual. The mine ride is the Gold Rusher which in the past has been down a lot, but Kennywood likes it's old dark rides and old coasters.
Awsome trip report man. I look forward to my once a year visit to Kennywood every year. This year it will be in late June.

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