Kennywood Top Spin ( King Kahuna )

Do any of the Kennywood regulars on here know what is up with this ride? It has more down time than any other ride I have seen have down time. I do not believe it has even opened yet this season.

There were a few rumors awhile back that is the issues persist it will be removed. Kennywood has also stated that they are going to have a major announcement on July 19. I wonder if they are replacing this thing finally.

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It opened with the rest of the park, went down for about a week, and reopened last week.

Kennywood was considering removing it, but under Palace Entertainment, that's no longer their decision to make. (And no, that's not what the announcement is.)


Thanks for the quick reply kpjb. I figured it has been down for longer since it was closed when I was there three weeks ago. Also, the parks status page has had it on as closed for as long as have been looking at it this year. Must not be updated then.

Can not wait until the announcement though as this is my home park.

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It had quite a few issues when I was there on Sunday (5/31). It was up for a while, and then kept going down. At one point the restraints would not lock properly and they tried about 5 times to get them to lock before closing the ride again. After watching the program they are running on that thing, I didn't even bother to wait for it.

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This isn't unusual for this ride. The one at Knotts has apparently had the same issues since it was installed.

Why are they so poplar at many parks then? It seems that most rides with these types of issues do not make it past a few parks. From what I have read, the Giant Top Spin is a nightmare (thus only one has been built, though I may be wrong on that.). How do other Cedar Fair Top Spin models fair? Is the inverted better in performance?

Also, how does the non-Huss variety scale in performance and uptime? I am mainly looking at Mondial. Which brings up another question I was going to ask one day? I do not see many Mondial rides at US parks. Is there a logical reason for this or just coincidence?

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