Kennywood to add new thrill ride

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Kennywood to add new thrill ride
Kennywood is adding a new extraterrestrial thrill ride for next season, the Cosmic Chaos. The ride seats 24 people on a giant disk, which looks like a U.F.O. From a height of 50 feet, the disk travels along 120 feet of concave track while riders spin around in a circle.

Well, it's the first time we've heard a name (and I'm sure everyone appreciates it), but the word has been out on this one for a while. Also, it sometimes takes a while for news submissions to make the front page since I see the article was dated the same day you submitted the article.
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Im going to miss the Carpet, but what a great replacement!

Geauga Lake should get one of these!

A Disk-O named 'Cosmic Chaos'. Oh, great, they're going to give it an identity crisis. They could put a Chance Chaos in and call it 'Disk-O-Matic' :)

"Life's What You Make It, So Let's Make It Rock!"
or disk-o-fever

Timbers crew 08

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Set it on fire (a la BurningMan)....DiskO Inferno! :)
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john peck said:
Geauga Lake should get one of these!


We threw around some disco-themed ideas... they didn't stick because that's essentially the theme of the Musik Express.


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