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I'm from the Cleveland area, and was wondering if anyone knew where the cheapest place would be to pick up Kennywood tickets. Last time I was there, a couple of years ago... I believe I only paid $18.50 somewhere, but can't recall where. Anyone, help?
Giant Eagle stores had $10 off,dont know if that deal is still going on.

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Before you go the Giant Eagle route, like I did, try

This website is specifically designed for Ohio customers and requires you to enter your Zip Code. Kennywood has a HUGE ad campaign on in Cleveland and this website will direct you to Cleveland area Drug Mart stores for Kennywood discount tickets, to the tune of $19.50 instead of the $10 bucks off from Pittsburgh area Giant Eagles. Or you can get a family fun pack for four people for $69.95 or an individual Funday ticket for $18.00! Unfortunately for me I went Memorial Day weekend and had not seen one commercial for Kennywood yet so I missed out on all the discounts from this site.


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Gaint Eagle is located JUST above Kennywood's parking lot, and has $10 off tickets as of about 10 days ago. I'm pretty sure they always have discounted tix at Giant Eagle (although the amount off the walk-up price may vary)...
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All this week Kennywood is offering free tickets to moms with any other entry ticket. Keep that in mind if it's a family outing. You can buy the cheapo ticket at a grocery store and turn it in at the gate and end up getting two entries for it.

(Moms even get in free with a child under 2's entry, which is also free.)


What kind of proof do they require that you are a Mom? :)

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I could let you know if we get them at drug mart if you live near one. I know they are doing a promotion for four free tickets right now in a drawing, but i think we are selling them as well, for 19 a pop.

Triple a is the same and you get a sandcastle ticket as well.

Also if your going 80 when you go and switch over to 76 it is now detoured as i took that way for my trip to virginia. So thats what i can give you for an idea.

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I live in eastern PA and our township's Parks and Recreations department sells discount tickets to various amusement parks; Cedar Point, Kennywood, DelGrosso, Hershey, Knoebels, and Dorney to name a few. See if yours has these tickets. It looks like the Kennywood tickets are $20 instead of $31.
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AAA of Ohio offers the best deal...

$18 for a Kennywood Admission plus a FREE Sandcastle Waterpark admission, to be used any 2 days you wish! (not the 2-park/1-day combo offered at the park)

Careful with the Giant Eagle tix. During peak times (Like all of July, I think, and most of August) you can only use them on weekdays. Well, you CAN present them at the gate on weekends, but they charge you a surcharge to make up the difference.

I think the G.E. tix were 21 bucks.

^That sounds like one of Idlewild's goofy discount plans.

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^Same company....they recognize that you CAN charge a higher gate on busy IS a Gonch-approved (and gator-approved) tactic.
Even at the regular price of $31 (which is what we paid), it's a steal. Compare that to Knoebel's $34.50 wood coaster option and it's a far superior value for what you get.

While I like Knoebels quite a bit, it really is lacking quite a lot in comparison to Kennywood.

^Yeah, it's lacking unnecessary seat belts :-)

I agree Knoebels wristband price is pretty high, because the crowds have to be light and the coasters have to be running two trains (which they don't seem to do on weekdays much) to get your money's worth, but at least you can buy tickets instead of wristbands.

Toucheā€²! Yes, that was one thing that surprised me was the added seatbelts on Jack Rabbit and Racer since our 2003 visit. It amazes me that they were added to those rides, but they still have the middle of Noah's Ark running as it always has, and that has to be incredibly dangerous.

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