Kennywood season passes are half off while supplies last

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I wasn't going to renew my pass this year but for half off and this years holiday lights admission I did. Sounds like the deal is for today through Monday.

No. It's only today and Monday (not tomorrow or Sunday).

This was an excellent deal. I already renewed mine in August but bought one for someone else at midnight. It's comical to read the comments on the park's FB page about people upset about the sale. It's just like any other Black Friday sale.

Still amazed at just $43 (ish) for a summer of fun. That's only about 5 or 6 dollars more than a regular one day pass!!!

I can understand why people are upset. Normally with regular Black Friday sales you know ahead of time what is going to be discounted and if you want to buy something like a TV, you don't go and buy one a few weeks before Black Friday. With this, there was no advance notice.

Around 4 years ago Six Flags was selling next years passes in September and October for the "lowest price of the year" or something similar to that and then on Black Friday they had all passes for 25% off and I remember they got a lot of complaints about that too.

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving.

I just got an e-mail from one of my "non-rider" friends. He told me that Splish Splash (Long Island) is offering a season's pass for $41.50. That's about the price of a one-day regular ticket.

Here's To Shorter Lines & Longer Trip Reports!

Lake compounce has season passes on sale for today only, for $45 which is better than the $79.99 regular price so i grabbed one.

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How dare parks do Black Friday sales without telling anyone ahead of time. People are entitled to know exactly when they can pay the lowest price for a product.

You know, like...on Black Friday every year.

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Vater, your logic is interfering with my sense of entitlement.

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While supplies last? Isn't it all ether to begin with?

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bjames said:

Isn't it all ether to begin with?

It was ether at the start, but now I've moved on to roofies. They don't fight as much.

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