Kennywood reopens after killer storm

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Following a storm last Friday that caused the collapse of the Whip's pavillion, killing one and injuring dozens of others, Kennywood opened yesterday under sunny skies. While several rides remain out of service, the park is taking steps to move on from the disaster.

Read more from the Tribune-Review.

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That photo of the Whip doesn't seem like it could be real. I can't imagine what this does to the morale at the park. We can only hope it has the effect that many disasters have, in that it brings people together.

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My best friend is one of those "jazz emsemble of six young men" and he said that most of the people seemed like nothing ever happened, contrary to what some of the interviews in the article say. He says walking by the Whip is weird, but the cleanup went REALLY well, and things are back to being as normal as they can be

Everyone should be allowed to return to normal. Something like this is a natural disaster that can happen anywhere.

Its unfortunate but life goes on.

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They are predicting some heavy storms w/strong winds for this afternoon here in Pgh. That should make for some high anxiety at Kennywood. *** This post was edited by jimster on 6/5/2002. ***
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I was just at the park a few weeks ago, and the Whip was one of my favorite flat rides there. After seeing the photo now, it really hit me how bad that storm was. The pavillion was huge, and I can't believe that a strong wind could just obliviate that massive structure in a split second.

I'm glad Kennywood is getting back on its feet again. I can't wait to go back again.

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