Kennywood Phantom Fright Nights questions

Has anyone attended this year? I am heading there next weekend and was wondering how it is. How long do you usually wait for the haunts? I'm not looking for an exact time here, basically just asking if you can do them all in one night? Exactly how many are there? On their website it's hard to tell if they are actual houses or zones? Plus it says not all haunts available on all operating nights, anyone know what's up with that? Any help is appreciated.

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Your going later in the season so it's going to be very busy, depending on the weather it could be slammed. There are three haunted "areas" the rest you have to wait in line for. It's a blast though, no matter what the crowds are.

Thanks a lot. I was planning to get there at 5, assuming they would open the gates somewhat early. Oh well. I will still get there early and try to hit as much right away as I can. Can you help me with the location of the haunts so I can get to them easier? The houses, not the zones.

thanks a lot for the help

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There is one in Raging Rapids, one in the arcade, one in kiddyland, one outside near the entrance, one in the cafeteria, one in the pavilion outside the log flume.

My favorite was the one in kiddyland, forget the name.

Fort Despair was the outside attraction near Kiddieland; that was retired, and the Dark Shadows maze has been moved to that location from the front of the park.

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Yeah, that's it. It was fun. I was with a group of wimps though and I was i the back. It was fun watching them freak out. The ending is nuts though, a small hallway filled with fog and a loud bass sound.

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shorty said:
How long do you usually wait for the haunts? I'm not looking for an exact time here, basically just asking if you can do them all in one night?

Expect lines of over an hour. You won't be able to do everything in one night unless you go early in the season. Expect next weekend to be very busy, especially Saturday.

Exactly how many are there?

There are 4 indoor haunts, 3 outdoor haunts, and 3 scare zones.

Plus it says not all haunts available on all operating nights, anyone know what's up with that?

It's just a disclaimer. Everything is planned to be open on every night.

Don't get there at 5. The park opens at 7. If it's extremely backed up at the front gate they may open at 6:45. On really busy nights they will cut lines late and some of the mazes will close around 2am.


Friday was decently busy. I would have imagined that Saturday would have been down right ugly for Kennywood with the popularity of this and the weather. If you want to ride a lot at Kennywood go on your random day during the summer and for the most part the lines do not approach what they get during Fright Nights.

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I went the Friday night before Phunfest as I always do. It wasn't too busy except for the "haunts" which I didn't have the patience to wait for this time. The lines for the coasters wasn't too bad, though.

TIP: If you need a patch fries fix, I would do that right away, as soon as the park opens that night! By 9pm the place is a madhouse! Actually all the food places get PACKED by 9-10 pm.

My favorite part this year was waiting in line for Exterminator while the lights went off a few times. Then some dude came in with a chainsaw in the "exit door" on the side. I never heard so much screaming in my life. Teenage girls can be annoying, but then again I thought it was hysterical that they screamed and cried over the "monsters!"


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I wen there opening night and it was walk-ons for almost everything.

I would suggest skipping the maze inside the arcade, it's not really worth waiting in line for.

I highly suggest doing the haunted Noah's Ark, it is amazing. If you can only do one maze, this is the one. I also suggest Dark Shadows and the one inside the Raging Rapids--it's new so it needs some work but it's amazing.

My buddy Ryan and I went to Kennywood for the Phanton Fright Nights last year on a Friday and it was THE Friday night to attend, as all of Pittsburgh (or that section of it) must have had home football games because the place was really deserted. We're trying to figure out what is the best possible FRIDAY to attend in the three remaining in in October.

Anybody have any idea which of these would be the best? October 17, 24, or (dare I say it?) Halloween itself?????????

Thanks in advance for your help.

Sorry to bring a thread back from the dead, but I will be going this Friday night. I want to see all the houses, sky rocket, phantom revenge, exterminator, thunderbolt, Noah's ark, ghostwood estates and the kangaroo. Is this doable? Also what should be my POA?

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You'll be fine on a Friday, plus it's calling for rain. If it happens to be busy and you're hell bent on getting everything in, get the RIP Haunt tour which gets you FOL to all the haunts.

Not sure what you should do for a POA as I don't know what you're talking about. I figure it's Piece Of Ass, in which case you're on your own.

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Craigslist is pretty good for that kind of stuff. Wear a condom, and you should be okay.

( ;) )

I think the POA is plan of attack.
But I think piece of ass is better. :)

Talking to my friends who visited this past was SOOoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Packed it made it VERY un-enjoyable. They also said they had quite a few issues with Rowdy teenagers. I checked their Facebook page, and it seems that their are quite a few other people with the same situation this past weekend.

That being said. I and anyone else that has done this yearly, knows NOT to even approach a theme park this time of year, when it has rained the previous two weekends, and then it's calling for upper 80's perfect weather. That's just asking for people to CRAM into the park, wait EXTREMELY long for any rides...Just bad, plan bad.

Best of luck time is to take your chances on a Friday night, or Sunday bad many parks don't stay open late on Sunday PM though.

The forecast for Friday calls for colder temps and a chance of rain so at least I have that going for me. Also yes POA stands for plan of attack. Most of the time when I go to parks I do the haunts first and rides second because the haunts have a lower capacity. The thing that is throwing me off at Kennywood is when I should plan on doing Noah's Ark since it is both a haunt and a ride, and when to do the incredibly low capacity exterminator and the brand new sky rocket

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It was really busy last Friday. I went with a bunch of friends and we went in all of the houses but didn't hit any rides.

If you really need to do everything you mentioned I would go with the RIP tour. If you don't do the tour get there right as the park opens and hit Exterminator, Phantom, Noah's Ark (awesome haunted), Thunderbolt, etc.

Don't miss Dark Shadow and make sure you hit it late when it's dark out.

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I am thinking of going to Kennywood this Saturday by myself, and I am wondering what would be the best option for me to be able to ride Thunderbolt. I have never been to Kennywood and I know that that Thunderbolt has a strict single rider policy. Anybody have any suggestions, besides standing in front of the line with a sign asking for another single rider.

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