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Soooo my friends from out of town came in just to go to Kennywood this week, and me being a park employee was able to get them 7 dollar tickets and get in myself for free. So that was a nice bonus. Let me just start out by saying the day was a mess. Not because of the park, but because of the weather. It was raining and it didnt stop. There were times that it stopped for maybe 20 minutes, but only a few moments like that, otheriwse it was a steady drizzle and a few downpours at times. Anyway, we tried not to let this ruin our day.

As we entered the park, we saw that the Phantom was not open yet. This did not surprise me one but b/c since ive been working there this year, that ride has been anything but reliable due to several reasons including a new computer control system. Anyway, we passed the Phantom by and went to the Exterminator. Only a 3 minute wait as it was still very early in the day. The ride was awesome as always. Its a wild mouse on steroids, or should I say Wild Rat? The ride was strong, good drops, STRONG lats, good spinage, and some nice airtime pops too. Excellent ride to start off with.

After we exited the 'Terminator, we saw that the Phantom was still not running so we decided to catch a run on the Thunderbolt, the ride at which I work. I ride this thing every single day, so I knew what to expect, and it ran the same as it does everyday...strong, fast, and GOOD. One of my favorite woodies. We have had the red train on for a good week now, which is the heaviest and fastest train. It also appears to give the smoothest ride, at least IMO. Anyway, the ride was awesome as usual, despite the damp conditions.

Still no Phantom so we hit up Kennywood's new ride, the Swing Shot. The ride is MUCH more frightening when you are standing in line that it is from the roadside (obviuously). The thing is very tall, and you dont really appreciate the speed of it until youre next to it and on it. Once we got on, i was like oh ****. The launches are incredible. The speed is insane, and the fact that it swings up beyond 90 degrees make it terrifying. The ride isnt that long, but that is a good thing. What a wonderful addition to the park. WAY better than Aero 360 and quite frankly, just as scary as the Pitt Fall.

The Phantom was running by now so we got on. One train operation so the wait was 20-25 mins, not bad at all. We rode in the front part of the car. 2nd and 3rd rows. The ride simply kicks ass. There no other way to describe it. It is savage. The speed is insane, the positive Gs on the first half are very intense and the negative Gs on the second half will leave you out of your seat the entire time. The ride never lets up and is the most kick ass hyper there is. Excellent ride as always. I love this thing. The King. Period. I only wish they would get it running more consistently but I'm sure they will. It did break down a few times throughout the day, but they did manage to get 2 trains running. We rode at night and it was even more crazy. We were going for a 2nd straight night run when it E-stopped on the lift hill. No good. It was 930 and the park closing time was 10 so we didnt think it would run again, so that was our last ride.

We also rode the Jack Rabbit three times, which was awesome as it always is. Theres something about this little woodie that make it great. Oh wait....its the SAVAGE double dip. It was powerful as usual, and the rest of the ride was fun also. The newly painted trains look great too. This ride is in tip top shape and running as good as ever. A must ride at Kennywood

We hit up the Racer twice. The line was long but moved very fast as it always does. The ride itself was very strong. We rode in the back seats both times and it gave us nice air and good lateral Gs on some of the bendy drops. The races were close and the entire Racer experience was exciting. What a classic. Its fun without beating you up or going too fast. Excellent ride.

Well I guess the last major ride I'll do is Pitt Fall, and theres not much to say other than that in the rain its very cold and theres no line. Other than that, it was scary as usual, and the drop was terrifying. Only three sides were running, as has been the case all season. Nevertheless, we waited in no line and had a good ride, although wet and cold.

Well thats it in a nutshell. We did experience all the other Kennywood classics which were amazing as always. The rain did put a damper on the day, but we didnt let it ruin our time. The wetness and chilliness was annoying but we just had to put it out of our minds. A good day with great rides. Cant complain. I guess I cant complain about the weather when I got in for free and my 2 frends got in for a combined 14 dollars! Hope you enjoyed my TR, and get to Kennywood whenever you can!


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I agree with about Phantom, I think it may be my favorite of all the coasters I have ridden, including SM:ROS at SFNE. My first ride of the season was at night and it was unreal, I couldn't stop yelling and laughing. The last little hill before the brake run is unreal.

Racer has been pretty outstanding ever since they got the trains refurbished. My favorite seat is the second to last. You get pulled over the last turn/hill really hard. The whole ride is just really fun.

I love Kennywood, my girlfriend come for the night sessions over five times a year.

Yea, Kennywood rules. I havent been since 2004, and Im really hoping to go again this year. Im not sure if the Revenge is the best steel coaster out there, but it is probably the best steel HYPER out there...its only problem is its too short.

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The length is the ONLY thing stopping PR from being the best steel out there.

As it stands, it's still #2 or #3. :)

Phantom's Revenge is a very good ride during the day, but it's one of those coasters that truly jumps up the charts at night. Excellent use of terrain.

I could only imagine what it must feel like during hte rain or on a wet day.

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You should ride that thing at 3AM without the lights or noises of the park, highway, etc.

It's like you're all alone in the pitch black with only the sound of the coaster echoing through the track.

Best ride ever.


Ok, kpjp, NOW I'm jealous! ;)

(Of course, this means you were at work at 3am, so maybe I'm not...)

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^^ Where do we sign up?
I was there yesterday and it rained off and on all day I was able to get 2 rides on PR which happens to be my #2 steel I got wet but I didn't care. I was just happy to be at my favorite park. One side of swingshot was broke and Exterminator was closed. I did get to ride everything else though. Great day.
Ah yes, Kennywood After Dark. Now that'd be fun..

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GregLeg said:
Ok, kpjp, NOW I'm jealous!

(Of course, this means you were at work at 3am, so maybe I'm not...)

Yeah, but it also means that I was getting paid to ride! ;)

Did I mention that I was alone in the train, adding to the solitude of it?

I've ridden that thing hundreds of times, and I still felt like I had no idea where I was going. There was no moonlight that night, completely pitch black.


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Very cool. The neighbors didn't call the cops? :)

I think the length is part of what makes it so great. When you hit the brake run, the last minute of your life catches up to you and all you can do is laugh and smile. It feels just right to me.

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