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First time here for Halloween gig. I had 4 managers and one of our engineers with me. The managers have never seen the park in action, so it was like a new experience.

Did Jack Rabbit. Lots of smiles. 8/10. Racer was smooth as always. 8/10. No lines at 6pm. Hopped over (kangaroo talk) to Phantom, rode twice. 9/10. No line.Had fries with the boys. 9/10. I needed more bacon in my system. Noah's Ark was good, but leave the scenes in with the black lights. Just turn all the other lights off. 7/10. Load it up with live actors. It is a fun house.

Thunderbolt still is a machine at its age. 10/10. Did the walk thru at the Patio. 7/10. Was asked if we were Acer's. Poor guy got confused with our logos on our jackets. We met him in the parking lot later.

Aero 360' after eating cheese on a stick. I kept mine in and collected the winnings. 8/10. Did that clown walk thru next to the Log jammer in the old Whip building. 7/10. Did the last walk thru in the arcade. Again, its good. Finally a line for something. 6/10.

For only their second year, Kennywood has their act together. Period. Lots of fog. We saved the other stuff for next year. I only wish the PittFall was open. I am betting that they will copy that Werewolf Canyon farce at CP and do it in the Raging Rapids next year. And it will be scary. No chicken exits.

Whoever did the bulbing did an outstanding job. Kennywood continues to set examples in the industry!

"Step on that lapbar and make it nice and tight!"

If you think it was impressive for a second year effort, you should have seen Fright Nights LAST year :)

Not that I was at all disappointed in Fright Nights II -- there were spectacular again this year. Just noting that a lot of the impressive details were nailed on the first try. Kennywood may have taken a long time to try the Halloween thing, but when they did it, they did it right.

Glad to see you were impressed, though.

--Greg, aka Oat Boy
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Agent Johnson said:

Whoever did the bulbing did an outstanding job.

Thanks! :)

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kpjb....that was some *outstanding* work on the lights at Kennywood. Have to admit being somewhat of a lighting freak (but I do admit it, LOL), the place looked awesome. Really helped set the mood for a fantastic evening at one of my favorite parks!

Holloween Horror Nights and Howl-O-Scream get a lot of press, (and deservedly so I might add), but they could learn a LOT about lighting all around the park from what you guys do...:)
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Yeah, the lighting was the first thing everyone in our group noticed - even without me telling them :)

The only thing I'd change at PFN is more "roaming" characters. There's a gazillion great places for serious scares at the park and it was the one thing that didn't seem to be taken advantage of.

Other than that, it truly is a top notch event.

It even got me out of a ticket! On our way home from PFN (about 3 miles from my house) I got pulled over. The cops said I was swerving, moved two lanes without using my signal and was doing 72 in a 55 (sounds about right ;) ) - they honestly thought I was DUI.

I got out, explained that we were returning from PFN (which got a big reaction from the police dudes - "they're running coasters in this weather!?") and soon had them talking coasters. 10 minutes later I'm on my way again - ticket free :)

PFN is good for so many things...


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