Kennywood Opening day 4/26/03

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I went to kennywood for the opening day with my lil brother and his cousin and we had fun. King Kahuna, the coasters, pittfall, and all the rides were open except the sky coaster, musik express, and log jammer. The park as open from 10-9:30 and we got their at 12:00 p.m. The park was clean in most spot, only like two parts weren't that clean. It was raining in the morning but by the end of the day, it was hot. It was crowed in the park.
I had to go fill out an application to work for kennywood, so my brother and his cousin went to the pahntom's revenge. I was in thier for about 15-20 min. and I went to meet up with them. They were in the station of the ride and It had broken down. People were leaving but they stayed there. I couldn't get up there so I went to ride King Kahuna. I waited about 30 mintues to ride becasue It wasn't open.

I got the first ride of the day and man was it worth it. Everyone was screaming and yelling as we went upside down about 5 times. This is my favorite ride in the park. It is way better than all the rides except the coasters, pittfall, and the sky coaster. After I rode, the phantom's revenge was back open. I went over there and got in the line while everyone else followed. As I got up there, I saw the train just start the lift and my brother and his cousin were in the back seat laughing cause I didn't get to ride yet.

When they came back I got to ride. They were only running one train so I didn't have to wait that long since I came up there first. This is still my #2 coaster in front of MF. Nirto is my #1. The airtime and speed you get is just incredible! I was sitting in the sencond to the back and got airtime over the sencond drop, under the thunderbolt part, and the bunny hills at the end. I only wish they would put an on ride photo by the thuderbolt section( were you go byt the turtle) and a tunnel by that part. Or put a photo at the bottom of the sencond drop.

Next I rode the pittfall. I don't know what is is about this ride, but I'm so ****ing scared of it. My brother could ride it all day if he could. Me is just give me Nitro or the phantom all day and I'm good. We all rode it and I was so scared. We went up the tower slow and then faster. That part made me scared the most when you go up faster. I was there just looking out at the open saying I'm sorry for what I've done god and my brother and his cousin was laughing putting their hands up waiting to be dropped. When we droped, man did I feel like I going to stay in the air. The airtime you get coming down is crazy. I was screaming like a never did before. I got off the ride and my heart was pounding like thousands beats a minute. They wanted to ride again but I was like hold on. t the end of the day we all rode it like 9-10 times. I like the pittfall because off the airtime you get coming down, but I don't like it because of the height and the moment you drop. It is so ****ing scary. It like you just drop for death.

After that we went to ride the jack rabbit, racer, and areo 360. Then we came back and rode King Kahuna about 2 more times and valcano. Then we came back to the lost kennywood section and I got a funnel cake with strawberries and ice cream, while we waited about 45 min. to ride the exterminator.
Exterminator is a crazy coaster. I know the whole layout of the ride, but it still comes as a surprise when I ride it. You go down drops backwards and forward and fell like your gonna fly off the track. This is my number three coaster at the park.

Then we went to ride thunderbolt in the back. This ride has crazy airtime in the back and that's why it's my #2 wooden coaster. I love the lateral's it gives you and the airtime. When you sit in the front you get that extra airtime when you start the chainlift. I just you could get it in the back too. I rode it 3 times at the end of the night because they were only running 1 train. Same thing with the phantom Revenge. They only ran one train and the line was about 45 min. I rode the phantom twice. When we tried to get back in line at night, it was closed so our last ride of the night was the thunderbolt.

Overall, I had a great time. Even though they were running 1 train on their most popular coasters, It was still a good day to be there. Oh yeah, King Kahuna broke down around 6:00 and stayed like that. That was a bad becasue I wanted to ride it again. I didn't like the lines they used for it. They were like the lines used at fairs. I guest they are gonna use the lines for the phantom's revenge for king kahuna because they had taking apart the other lines it had by that pepsi stand. I also got to eat my favorite meal at kennywood, which is Chicken strips and cheese fries. I couldn't wait to get to kennywood so I could get to orders of them. When I got back to kennywood, for the summer, I hope they lines looks better and hope that the PR and TB habe their trains up and running. I give the park a rating of 9 1/2 out of 10.
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Where do you want to work in the park? I hope I will be able to go to Kennywood in May on my Cedar Point trip. Nice Report!

-Sean Newman

I turn sixteen next month so I hope I can work on checking restraints or operating a ride and coaster. I also would like to work as a game attendant, food attendant, ticket booth, or in merchandise.
The lines at King Kahuna were temporary, same with the blacktop. I was told that they would be finishing off the blacktop job, and a permanent queue will be installed where it was yesterday and in the area behind the ride.

Six Flags Worlds of Adventure Online

Glad to see you want to join the team. However, you can't work on a coaster until you turn 18 since that is considered operating heavy machinery. Most positions are filled pretty much right now, so maybe sometime in July or August when people quit/leave for school you'll get hired.

KW Old Mill/T-Pike Crew

damn! I was counting on working as a operator. Oh well, at least any postion is good enough

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