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Thursday, June 14, 2001 4:51 PM
Today i took the "one tank trip" up to West Mifflin, PA. The park Kennywood. As i arrive i see a green tall structure. Last time iw as here it was different, it was black, rough, and an Arrow. Now it has changed it is now green, sleek, and odd looking. For those that have never been to "the wood" ans seen the Phantom it goes down a natural ravine, right by Kennywood Blvd. I enter through the tunnel to see a lush forest. This is quite possibly one of the best entrances i've ever seen. Once you go under the tunnel it's as if you're going to a different world. So i get in and go straight to Noah's Ark. This ride is still great, however i don't remember the room with the mirrors. Great "attraction"! Get off and go to Phantom's Revenge. This ride needs some covers & misters for the queue. What they do is make you wait in a queue. Then they let about a trainful of people go. DOn't think this is like MF. You have to go across this long ramp that streches the entire length of the lift. I waited about 15 minutes to go to the ramp. I got last train 1st row. This is why Arrow/morgan hypercoasters scare me, those lifts take forever! It gives you time to think about what's ahead. We go down the twisted turn and get good air. The rest of the ride is great, until the double dip, it hurts so much. The rest of the ride is great. I was expecting more ejector air but only got moderate air. Next i went to Pitt Fall, last time i was here this ride was new, the wait was all the way to where the exterminator currently sits. Or 2 1/2 hours. This time it was a walk-on. This is an 200 ft tall Intamin drop. It's a great ride. Next i went over to The Exterminator. I've never been on this and didn't know what to expect. I waited 5 minutes, i get in the rat car and am off. The theming on this ride is Disney quality. It is a great spinning wild mouse coaster that i wouldn't mind to see at SFWoA. Only if it's themed good. The theming made this enclosed ride awesome. By far my favorite so far. Next i went to Jack Rabbit. This is a great ride, the double dip is awesome. Then i ventured over to Racer to wait 15 minutes. I wa sin the green train. This ride is fun. sidenote:we won! I went over to Aero 360 to see a 45 minute wait!?! I pass it and go back to Phantom's Revenge to see an 1 hour and a half wait. I figure i'll go on Exterminator again and come back to ohio. So i wait well over an hour in the hot sun. yes, the workers had us wait outside instead of inside, this i don't get, when it's 97* out why would you have a couple hundred people wait outside instead of the air conditioned tunnel? The ride was great again. I figure that it's getting way too crowded so i decide to come home. I also tried the Potato Patch fries, i wish Kennywood would let SFWoA "borrow" their recipie, maybe they will out of pitty. Overall i had a fantastic day. For those of you who just read over i'll give a "short" review 10
Phantom's Revenge 8/10 double dip
Jack Rabbit 9/10 too short
Racer 8/10 a little rough
Exterminator 10/10 greatly themed, greatly designed
Kennywood overall 9/10 Thunderbolt being closed, 1 train on Phantom, many flat rides closed, not enough dippin' dots stands, no maps

HurricaneGeauga- Just in case
Thursday, June 14, 2001 7:29 PM
First of all if you don't want an outside seat the entire Aero que is about 30 mins at the most. Second of all I know last year they had maps at the service center near the enterprise.
Thursday, June 14, 2001 9:07 PM
I don't know about there, but I know you can get them in Guest Services. It's in the big building to your right just after you pass the ticket booths.

Matt Lynch
Co-Webmaster, Kennywood Boulevard
Friday, June 15, 2001 5:47 AM
The maps thing blew me too. If Greg hadn't been my tour guide I would have known where anything was. This was the first park I've been to were they didnt have maps right there at the ticket booth.

HG said: "The rest of the ride is great, until the double dip, it hurts so much"

Funny that was my favorite part of the entire ride...

An SFBrat who is resigned to the fact that the world is filled with Six Flags's tragic that they waste their lives like that
Friday, June 15, 2001 7:43 AM
Maps are at guest relations when you arrive and at the service center in the middle of hte park.

BTW, was "not enought dippin' dots stands" a joke? There's 6 off the top of my head, and the park's not that big.

Could you describe the ruckus?

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