Kennywood has its roots in trolley line

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In the 1890s, industrialist Andrew Mellon owned a trolley line that carried workers to the Andrew Carnegie Steel Works -- later the U.S. Steel Homestead Works -- and ended at property owned by Anthony Kenny. But Mr. Mellon wanted people to ride the trolley on their days off, too, so he leased 145 acres from Mr. Kenny to build Kennywood.

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Two original rides remain from the era: the merry-go-round and the ferris wheel.

The ferris wheel? I thought it was removed to make room for Aero 360. Do they still have it?

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Haven't read it yet, but... the current merry-go-round was not the park's first, nor was the last ferris wheel we had.

The only first-era ride still here is the Old Mill.


I think the author was refering to the rides in Kiddieland, which both the Mangels MGR and the Ferris Wheel were part of the original installation.

You guys know another park that has it's roots in a trolly line?

Canobie Lake. I'm thinkin' I might take advantage of the spring pricing and hit it this coming Saturday. I need my bi-yearly Cannonball fix.

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