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I decided to visit Kennywood on a spur of the moment. I was hiking in Slippery Rock gorge, which is between Pittsburgh and Erie. When I was finished, I was going to head back home to Cleveland when I remembered that Kennywood is still open in the evenings. So I grabbed a hotel room, cleaned-up, and headed to the park.

I was a little disappointed to see that the parking lot was very full. I was hoping because the Halloween thing was new, that not a lot of people would know about it. I was even more disappointed to see a sign posted at the gate that Phantoms Revenge was closed and may reopen later with only one train. I decided to risk it and go in anyways.

I decided to ride Thunderbolt first. So I walked passed PR only to see that Thunderbolt and that entire section of the park was closed. As I head back the other way, I notice that all of Lost Kennywood and Exterminator or also off limits.

So I decide to ride the Racer. This coaster is a true classic. Kennywood does such a good job with maintenance you would never guess that this ride was built in the 20’s. I did feel sorry of the operator. They had one person checking the seatbelts for both trains. While one the ride, I happen to notice that PR is running!

So I make my way back to PR and get in line, which starts on the bridge before the station. Thanks to the one train operation, this turns in to a 1 hour wait. But it was worth it. I have never ridden PR at night and it is quite an experience. Plus they had some green fog going after the first big turn.

By now the park is getting very crowded. The lines at the concession stands are very long because there are only a couple of stands open. I rode the Jack Rabbit next. A one trick coaster, but what a trick!

I head back to PR, but the line was much longer and I didn’t have the energy to wait so I called it a night. I must admit that I was a little disappointed that so much of the park was closed. After I got home I looked at Kennywoods web page to see how they where advertising. They don’t say that Exterminator, Thunderbolt, and Lost Kennywood will be open, but they don’t specifically say they will be closed either. I think this is being a little dishonest in their advertising. If you are going to close major rides and sections of the park, it needs to be clearly stated (like CP does for fall Friday nights). I also overheard other people complaining about the closed rides. I’m glad Kennywood is staying open later in the season. Riding PR at night is something that should be experienced. But if they are going to continue to get large crowds, they need to open up more of the park and have hire more staff.

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Yeah, I agree with you. Living only ten minutes away from Kennywood, I have the opportunity to go just about anytime, but I'm definitely not going when only a handful of rides are open, and my beloved Thunderbolt is closed.

I was also there on sat too. The phantom only had one train do to the fact that there was only two people checking bars!! The Aero360 was closed part of friday night and the whole night of Saturday! For all of the 10 rides that are open for Fright Nights check here [url="" target="_blank"> The Kangaroo and Baryern Kurve were open they are some of the back up rides!!!


I forgot to mention Aero360 was closed on Saturday like Kp said. I was looking forward to riding it since it is one of the few flat rides I really find interesting.

Bob M.

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The Phantom didn't have one train running due to the fact that there were only two people checking bars, but rather there were only two people checking bars due to the fact that the Phantom was only running one train.

That should be fixed by Friday.

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How is it on Firday nights? I dont want to go out of my way friday night to get there on the way to PPP only to find the place so packed as to be unbearable.

All I need is 4.5 million bucks and a half a mile long sliver of land and maybe someone could build me my very own Shivering Timbers. ;)

kpjb said:

That should be fixed by Friday.

I sure hope so -- Lori and I have some laps to rack up ;)

Anyone have any idea what the record is for non-employees, anyway? I know I'm up there, but I can't possibly have the MOST (way too much time spent at other parks ;) )

MagnumForce -- in general Fridays have been less crowded. Speculation is that a big part of it is high school football keeps the teens occupied...

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I am going on the 13th so I hope it is not crowded. I have never had long lines at kennywood even in mid july, so I hope there isn't much of a wait.

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