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Sunday, August 26, 2001 12:32 PM
I had another great time at Kennywood on Friday, August 24th. It was my 6th time at Kennywood this year and it was the most crowded I've seen Kennywood in years.

The rides were great as usual, but the downside were the LONG lines for about everything. Every coaster had a long line and I wasn't even able to ride the Exterminator.

Phantom's Revenge was awsome-I got to ride it 2 times last Friday, but each wait was about 2 hours, and I got my yearly ride total up to 14. The airtime is the best part about this ride, and it amazes me more everytime I ride it. Even the airtime going down the 2nd drop is pretty powerful if you're sitting towards the back...if you look towards the horizon, it seems like you'll just falling from space. PR is an awsome coaster and I'm very glad Kennywood made the choice to redo the Steel Phantom.

I got to ride Thunderbolt 1 time, and it was also great. I rode it earlier in the year and it seemed not as good to me, but on Friday, it was just as good as it has ever been.

I got 2 rides on Jack Rabbit, and the line was only about 20 minutes. The double dip is the best feature of this ride and it packs some serious airtime.

The Racer is a fun ride and I got 1 ride on it. The last hill packs some good airtime, but it's probably the tamest of the coasters at Kennywood.

Overall, even with the huge lines (even for food-I waited 45 minutes for fries and chicken fingers) I had a great time and I'm sad the season will soon end...



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