Kennywood found not liable for injuries on King Kahuna

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An Allegheny County jury found that an amusement park's negligence was not the factual cause of injuries a woman suffered while on Kennywood's "King Kahuna" ride. On July 5, 2008, Sonya Smith, 43, of Penn Hills rode the "King Kahuna" at the Kennywood amusement park in West Mifflin, and later alleged that the ride caused spinal damage.

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To me, it sounds like Kennywood's top spin ride helped to alert this woman of her preexisting condition. If she had been aware of this condition before riding the top spin, she would known not to have done so. In my opinion, this lawsuit was frivolous; I do feel for Ms. Smith, however.

I rarely feel that injuries at parks are the parks' fault, or at least not ALL the parks' fault. Something like the King Kahuna hanging someone upside down would definitely not be suspect for a vertebral injury. Plus, you run a risk of injury any time you go to a park. I myself have injured myself at Great Adventure...but I'm also a rational person that understands these things happen (and that I'm an accident prone person AND that I've had many previous injuries that have probably weakened some body parts). I'd never sue for it. Unless there was truly grievous injury, maiming, or god forbid a death, and unless it is most obviously park or operator negligence (or a combo of the two), I don't see how one can possibly blame the park.

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