Kennywood expands official Phantom's Revenge coverage

Posted | Contributed by big daddy

Kennywood's new Frankenstein monster, Phantom's Revenge, is almost ready for the public, and the park has updated its site with new photos and promotional goodies to get you all worked up.

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Yes Yes!.........

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Those are some of the most beautiful trains I have ever seen!
I can't wait to see how the new lap bars work being that they are mounted on the side of the car. Also does anyone know if they made any changes to the chasis at all? Even if they didn't I'm still thinking this ride is going to be good based on what happend to OL:FOF after they took out the OTR.
now I am excited. those are some of the coolest looking trains I have seen. very sleek.

The swoop back up through the thunderbolt is going to be awesome.

In response to the chassis question: No, the chassis are the same (actually the only thing they kept from the old trains!)
Anyone realise the same lapbar desighn could be used on inverts and floorless coasters? :)

id rather be on a coaster.....

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