Kennywood Entertainment purchased Story Land

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Peter J. McAneny, president of Kennywood Entertainment, and Nancy L. Morrell, president of Morrell Corporation of Glen, NH, announce today a June 2007 closing is planned for the sale of the Morrell Corporation and its Story Land children's theme park to Kennywood Entertainment. McAneny stated, "Kennywood Entertainment is in the business of operating clean, beautiful, family parks. I do not think we could find a better fit for our organization than Story Land."

Read the press release from PR Newswire.

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Wow I cant believe the Family actually sold the park. When I was growing up, every summer without fail we would go to three parks: Santa's Village in Jefferson, Canobie Lake in Salem and Story Land. It is a very beautiful park, with some quality rides and attractions (their raft ride for example is one of the best.) If it had to be sold, at least it goes to Kennywood, who Im sure will no doubt contiune to keep the park beautiful.

I notice that there is no mention of the Historical Park the family owns next door (Herritage NH) are they keeping this, is it closing or did Kennywood buy it too?

the family closed it down on October 25, 2006.
^Didnt realize it, I dug a little deeper and according to the Boston Herald it does include the entire property (hotel and Heritage.) Which is fantastic because that means that park has a lot of land to grow.
I saw something about this in today's Union Leader. I can just see a Jackrabbit clone in Story Land. Might be interesting to see how this plays out.
Definitely. Look at what Kennywood did with Lake Compounce!
Story land is in good hands. Kennywood Corp .Is one of the best Amusement park trustees. Yes, look what they did to Lake Compunce . BoulderDash,etc.and Kenny wood is such a beautiful park. The classic rides are very will preserved, not to mention the whole park.And Idlewild hasnt really changed since 1982 or three since Kennywood took over complete ownership.Story land looks pristeen and has a great ride package for a small park.A log flume, river rapid ride a small coaster which looks to be a mini Arrow I need clarified on that one, Thankyou.And A train.I do hope that it continues to do well,

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