Kennywood closes early due to disruptive crowd

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Kennywood Park had a great opening day Saturday, until the sun went down. West Mifflin Police Department and other area law enforcement were called to the amusement park about 9 p.m. for reports of a riot, according to Allegheny County officials. West Mifflin police later said there was a large crowd with people pushing one another. Police dispersed the crowd.

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As usual, the media took this story and ran with it.

There was no rioting. The park wasn't evacuated as some sources say. The park simply closed an hour earlier, but allowed guests and employees to stay in the park if they felt uncomfortable leaving. No one was rushed out.

Many employees didn't know what was happening when they were told to close their rides--many guests didn't know either. From what I heard (so may not be true), the local police asked the park to close so people could leave before something dangerous happened outside the park. Guests and employees were also able to be escorted to their cars if they wanted to.

I think the park handled this well. We didn't feel like we were in any danger and hardly knew what was happening until they played the good night music. I'm sure the park will monitor social media more closely now to see if anything like this is being planned in the future.

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A media over-hyped story? UNpossible!

While there are many benefits to the 24 hour news cycle world we live in, with several cable news channels and local TV stations that have hours and hours to filll (WGN here in Chicago does a six hour morning news show, a two hour noon news show, a two hour evening news and an hour at nine in the evening -- so 11 hours daily), sometimes I wish we still got our news from a 30 minute local news and a 30 minute network news show....

...they'd have to focus on the truly important stories.

...and I could have been spared multiple reports this morning from WMAQ/NBC 5 "Live at Great America's opening day!" reporting that Great America serves pizza.

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Must've run out of fries at Potato Patch.

The amusement park rises bold and are huddled on the beach in a mist

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a' tee hee...

Anyway, sounds like the kids just got out of control - and the park did their due diligence.

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I can't imagine it was that bad, as there was a Coaster Club at the park that day and they still got their night time ERT.

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