Kennywood Aug 7 2004

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Wow. Arrived about 6pm. Right in line for Garfields Nightmare. Nothing scary about it. Next year call it Garfields Adventure. 6/10. I do like the new q-line, and what they did with the building.

Jack Rabbit and Racer. Walk ons. Both great. 9/10. However, the Racer's crew was 'gibbering and whispering' over the microphones. Basically screwing around. And wearing white t-shirts wrapped around their heads. Grow up. Phantom's Revenge. I am not sure why no one wants the back seat. 9.5/10. Baby was whoopin'! Had to wait for 1 hour for the Exterminator. Too damn long. 6/10.That staff has gots to load the cras faster. Period. Thunderbolt. 9.5/10. Always a pleaser. Great crew.

Potato Patch fries. 9/10. Great staff. Idlewild ran out of cheese the day before. Someone owes me an explanation. Had burgers again. Why are we buying from US Foods? Why? The games were great, though you should give out the big prizes when the race game is full, not the $1 Care Bear for the 'first win'. So Cedar Point-ish. Make the operator work a little.

The park looked great, and I stayed until close. Bought a great sweatshirt. I probably could have just put it on and walked out, but I have morals. I handed them the tag to pay. The cashier thought it fell on the ground. The rest of their food was outstanding as usual. 8/10. I will be back for Phantom Fright Nights since SF Wof A is no more. Good times at Kennywood.

Glad you had a good time!

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...and you came on my day off that week.

Maybe I'll see you during Fright Nights.

I've ridden PR more times than I can count, front and back. I must say it's the only KP coaster that I prefer in the front. I love the wickedly intense airtime in the back, but you just seem to float more in the front.


How were you off on Saturday? When I come in October, I will send you a email. You know you get in free at my park, don't you?
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I'm not sure where we go free now... the only ones I'm sure of anymore are the ones we own, Knoebel's, and Hershey.

When funtime owned Geauga, we got in free there and at Darien. When it was flagged, we got in free there and at Kentucky Kingdom. Now that it's Cedar Fair, they sent us about 500 passes, but we can't get in with our ID anymore. I'd assume SFKK is out, too.

I'm working six of the ten Fright Night evenings, so chances are, I'll be there.


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