Kennywood Auctioning Locomotive #3

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The third locomotive from Kennywood's Olde Kennywood railroad is up on ebay.

I know more than a few of you are train geeks (in addition to being coaster geeks) so I figured this might be of interest on several levels.

These trains first appeared at the '39 World's fair.


They obtained a third locomotive in the late 1940's-early 1950's when they ran two trains on the big picnic days. As the ad says it hasn't been started in 20 years, although it's been under cover the whole time. It's a Vulcan Iron Works gasoline mechanical locomotive (Wilkes Barre, PA) with a streamlined body by Cagney. I don't know which one this is (#1, 2,or 3)although kpjb might know.
Does Kennywood ever run 2 trains anymore? I seem to recall 2 running on my first visit in the early 90's, but my mind is a bit ofggy in that regard. And I can't even remember if there are enough cars for two trains anymore.
There's a spare set of coaches sitting in the train yard; however, the park hasn't run two trains at once for a while now.
They've been running one for as long as I can remember.
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The ad's wrong. It has been run as recently as 5 years ago. It's just that only the maintenance crew can drive it because it's the original engine, and is a manual transmission. The other two that are in use have Ford engines and are automatics.


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