Kennywood announces launched steel coaster for 2010

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Kennywood has posted a video on their Web site for a new (and unnamed) steel roller coaster to open for the 2010 season. It appears to be a Premier Rides device, launched, with a vertical tower. The video says it will do 0 to 50 mph in less than three seconds.

Visit the official Kennywood site.

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Hooray! I love me a launched coaster!! :)

"If passion drives you, let reason hold the reins." --- Benjamin Franklin

Good call Kennywood! If somehow they can use the cliff in its 90* drop! Woohoo!

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Press Release

Interesting. They are already planning on bringing back the Turnpike in the future. That's cool.

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"If passion drives you, let reason hold the reins." --- Benjamin Franklin

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Sounds like fun! Cheesy video though. I'm glad that the log flume is staying!

"Come feel the rush of a fully caffeinated, double-shot adrenaline espresso…on rails. " lol

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So many "I can't believes"...

I can't believe they did a press release before they even have a name for the coaster.

I can't believe they used the phrase "maximum g-force pullout" in the press release. Twice!

I can't believe the capacity is really that low. 2 trains of 12 peeps each.

That being said, it sounds like a good addition to the park. Layout seems interesting and they have no launch coaster yet. This park has always been confusing to me.

This is exactly what Kennywood needs. A multielement launched coaster with a vertical drop and upside down elements. Now KW will have a collection of coasters that rivals many other mid-sized to large parks.

Imagine -- a launched multielement coaster, a major hypercoaster, a themed indoor coaster, and three vintage wooden coaster along with the great thrilling flat rides, darkrides and water rides. This should make KW a bigger draw over a wider region.

By the way, this is not KWs first launched coaster. The Laser Loop was a launched shuttle coaster that was later removed to make room for the Steel Phantom.

Arthur Bahl

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I did have to laugh at the "maximum g-force pullout". No one proofing that release thought about that one?

As for the no name I assume they will have a contest to name it again.

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Ugh, look at the color scheme... and those bad transitions. We were robbed! No B&M invert!

~Rob "Just had to get that one out of the way" Willi

P.S. In all seriousness... woohoo!

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eightdotthree said:
I did have to laugh at the "maximum g-force pullout".

Despite what all the kids say, that just leads to trouble. Wear protection kids!

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Interesting. With it being where the turnpike cars are, I wonder how the look/feel of walking out of the tunnel and in to the park will change.

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Since we are making fun of the press release...

"...coaster will feature many exciting and unique features..."

Look! It's featuring many features! I, for one, am happy that it's featuring features! The press release must have been written by the department of redundancy department. :)

I love Kennywood, btw!

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Actually LK, what you just said makes no sense.

Not at all.

I think that was his point. The press release is redundant so his post is overly redundant.

Who is building it?

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That's my point. It's not really that redundant at all. It's a press release, what else do you expect? A play-by-play using "enthusiast" speak?

JRmedic said:
Who is building it?

Premier Rides


Living only two hours away from Pittsburgh, I am going to be very good friends indeed with Kennywood next year.... :)

My author website:

Could be cool. From the sound of it, it might be like the Backlot coaster at KI.

Coaster Junkie from NH
I drive in & out of Boston, so I ride coasters to relax!

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Pagoda Gift Shop said: I can't believe they did a press release before they even have a name for the coaster.

Why is that so hard to believe? Coasters are often announced before a name is picked....especially if the park wants to hold a "name the ride" contest, as is often done.

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