Kennywood and "Skyrocket Impressions"

I have anxiously been awaiting Kennywood to put in a coaster since i first went there back in 05 for the first time. I know i was being naive then as I still am now as far as the way Kennywood operates. They tend to try to keep the traditional rides the main focus as well as families. However, with Skyrocket I think they may have shown as well as they have in the past few years that new rides and innovation to their park still can draw people to the park and cater to everyone.

With that being said I decided to check out Skyrocket and get my yearly fill of Kennywood.

We got to the park just before opening, which this year seems to be a bit after ten, but the rides as they always have been do not start until 11. Good thing though because Skyrocket was already sporting a solid line when the ride opened. It really is a magnificent coaster just to look at as it provides plenty of elements within its structure. Anyhow onto the ride. It took about three trains of waiting to get on. The launch for me is pretty solid, but it seems to have a gradual speed increase in its short launch area. The ride up the hill is phenomenal and packs some nice air when it levels off at the top. It then grabs you in the holding break on the drop and into a turn. Once again nice floater air on the drop. The inversions are what really make this ride and they have airtime packed into them as well. The first corkscrew is laid out more like a corkscrew/barrel roll type manuever. The MCBR slows it down a bit, but not nearly as much as the video that was posted on youtube recently. The last half after the other corkscrew is a series of s-curves and then a superman ride of steel like finish of a few bunny hops into the long break run.

Positives:The Inversions, smooth, no over the shoulder restraints, airtime in alot of places.

Negative: The restraints are a bit tight even on my mom who weights no more than 110 lbs soaking wet.

On a side note to the restraints they do have larger person seating posted in rows 1,2, and 5.

The rest of park looks fresh and painted, especially the pittsburgh steeleresque Jack Rabbit train.

The wooden coasters here still blow my mind, as far as how well-maintained they are. Other parks let the wooden coasters go to crap for the most part. I know its a lot of time and money to fix problems with them every single year, but this park somehow seems to keep them in fine condition.

The Phantom's Revenge is still pretty solid as well, being that they did alot of retracking over the last two years on the area of the second hill that leads into the valley drop.

The food is getting to a point where its almost 8 dollars to eat if you wanted chicken fingers, fries and a drink which is sold seperately. So still cheaper than most parks, so no complaining there.

Lastly, having bought my tickets at a local Giant Eagle, it seems it might be better to spend money there and get tickets because admission is up to $34.99 plus a one dollar amusement tax, which either the county or state places on the bill.

All in all a good day, and Kennywood definately nailed their coaster.

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If all goes as planned, I'm going to experience Sky Rocket on Sunday. I'm looking forward to it. Glad you had a nice day at the park.

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I hear it's a real delight in the afternoon. ;)

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It will be if I'm on it, yes. :)

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You PA girls really can rock all the seasons, can't you? ;)

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Indeed we can, Mike. Indeed we can. :)

"If passion drives you, let reason hold the reins." --- Benjamin Franklin

Where is that googly-eyed emoticon when you need it? Oh well, hafta do it manually.


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Boy, those googly eye sure do look like something else.... ;)

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