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First off it was my first trip to Kennywood, in the past if I would of looked at a map and knew how close it was to downtown pitt, I would have been there a hundred times already. Along with that I had unfairly high expectations for this park, being americas finest traditional park.

Well I left my house in the eastern suburbs of cleveland and had to go out of my way to pick my gf up, which added about an hr to my trip, we left her house at 7 didnt have to bad of a time we skipped 90, 271 and 480 and headed south on rt44 to I80 to I76, everything was fine until we hit the pa turnpike, which still wasn't bad but when there are warning signs to watch for DUI drivers and agressive drivers you know your in for a treat plus the fact at certain points in the day traffic avg 90mph and if you go the speed limit you risk getting rearended. We got to our hotel at 10 checked in and got our tix included in the hotel price. Now I know that area fairly well but I still cannot get use to the narrow roads and everything being on a hill.

We got to KW around 10:45 and from my first sight it wasn't at all what I expected, medal detectors and a tunnel to enter the park, this was wierd. I'm not use to the medal detectors but I'm sure quite a few parks are using them I know SFWOA has. This is also one of the first times I've been to a park and no one has handed me a map. I did get one later.

I'm not going through a timeline because honestly I don't exactly remember the order or times I rode any of the rides.

Exterminator: We rode it once, a decent ride something diffrent not found at to many parks. To much spinning at the end fo rme though.

Thunderbolt: I've been waiting to ride this one for some time now. We rode it twice once up front and once in the back. In the front it has to be one of the smoothest woodies, in the back during the mid course turns it can be quite painful if not prepaired. Over all the coaster was fun but I don't think its a top 20 wood coaster.

Racer: This is another one I've been looking forward to, a continuous track racer. We rode this one 3 times once up front and twice in back. The coaster is a very tame one, almost like a kiddie coaster and except for the very begining and very end the trains didn't seem to race one was either way in front of the other and vice versa. On a historical note the ride is great but on 21st century stand point, boring.

Jack Rabbit: This one I wasn't to sure of as to what to expect, while in line I was watching the trains and it didn't seem to be much to it, then I noticed the double dip. We rode this one 3 times, once up front and twice in back. Up front was very tame, in the back the only good part was the double dip. But I guess as far as 1920's standards was a crazy ride.

Phantom's Revenge: Not running in the morning. We did manage to ride this one 2 times once up front and once in the back. Watching this one, it seemed short, real short for a steel giant. During our first wait they were running one train and right before it was our turn they decided to ad a second. The only good part of the coaster was the second drop through the Thunderbolt. The air time at the end wasn't good air time, it basically seemed to throw you up then slam you down. I did like the ride but I don't think its a top ten steel coaster, makes me wonder how bad the original Steel Phantom was. This also answers a question I had about Magnum being a top 3, well if this one is a top 10 then Magnum may cetainly be worthy of top 3.

We rode other rides like the Whip and Turtles, the turtles seemed rather rought compared to the Tumble Bug that is at CLP although I haven't ridden that version since the late 80's early 90's. We also rode Gold Rusher, Old Mill, Auto Race, Olde KW RR, Noah's Ark(which wasn't bad at all).

Over all i was dissappointed in KW, not that its a bad park, I will definitly go back, maybe a once a year trip or a once every other year trip, its only around 2 hours from my house give or take a few. I was a little dissappointed in the coasters, and the park in general. I don't see what is so tradional about the park besides the old rides. I think CLP has a more traditional set up. The mid course lift hills kind of cut the ride up and make it seem a lot shorter, its like watching a movie where the begining is good the middle is blah and the end is good. We also lucked out on the Racer and Jack Rabbit as far as the non preferencial seating goes. I also failed to taste the greatness in the fries I have had just as good if not better at other parks and fairs in the past. The trip went good and free parking that was a nice tough also. The lines were also a nice change the longest one said 45 min for PR but in actuallity was about 20 tops. My only problem with the park is that I'm use to CP were it seems that they run almost every coaster to full capacity with 2 - 3 trains running and get you in and out of the trains fast to keep the line moving, here they are very laid back and in no hurry what so ever, which isn't bad they are friendly but I'm use to doing everything fast, I hate wasted time and slow people. Also the park was clean and seems to be kept up quite well. Along with that the weather did hold out for us only a bit of lightening and some drizzle closing I believe only Pitt Fall, Pitt Plunge, and PR, for a short time. The weather didn't hold out for Sat at CLP the skies opened up around 7pm.

And all this and my grandma calls me today to check her mail because she took my little cousin to Hershey Pa, thanks grandma, I wouldn't of minded going along, I've been meaning to get out there and would have been happy just getting a ride with them, since its around a 6 hr drive. I mean I told her earlier this summer we go to CP every week your welcome to come along. But oh well when me and my bro were little and grandpa was alive they use to take us to CP, Kings Island, and when I was real little grandpas firefighter picnics at Geauga Lake, since my parents would only take us to CLP because dad hates people esp crowds more than I do. I think we got the better end of the deal.
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Wow, I agree with your Magnum and Phantom comment, although many would disagree. The reason so many people have Maggie and Phantom in their top 10 is because of the memories they have on the rides. Many enthusiasts grew up just riding Magnum over and over again. So when you think of top 10 lists, its not always which rides are actually, THE BEST RIDE, but simply, THE BEST.

2nd Bunny Hill, Superman: RoS SFA = AIRTIME!
BackSeat of COURSE!

See, I would have to disagree with the statement that "the airtime at the end of Phantom isn't good airtime". It's not floater air, to be sure, but it's certainly "get outta that seat" airtime. To me, that's not a bad thing at all. Phantom's Revenge is still my #1 steel coaster, with good reason...

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I guess, I just think its one of the most overrated coasters. Not that its not a decent ride its just nothing great except the 2nd drop though thunderbolt. It reminds me of the corkscrews and double loops, other than the inversions there really isnt much else to the ride and other than the 2nd drop I dont see anything else good about PR
Snap, you must be a person that enjoys floater air instead of rough, ejector style. I'd take a back seat ride on PR than half the coasters out there.

BackSeat, I never regarded SP as a "Top Ten" coaster even though I grew up with it, I guess. In fact, I disliked it and only rode it once a summer.


I dunno I'm not saying its a bad coaster I just didn't see anything great about it except the 2nd drop. But I have to admit I was in a bad mood that day, due to working on no sleep for a day or so, and disappointment in the park in general, not that the park or PR aren't good, I just think a bit overrated.
Kennywood is my favorite park, Thunderbolt is my #2 coaster, Phantom's is #4, and Magnum is my #1. :) Interesting to see you give all of them such a bad review...

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Sorry the coasters were not what you had expected. Everyone is entitled to their own likes and dislikes.

As for the drunk driver signs on the Turnpike, they are all over Pa. They have something to do with DUI check points. Pa. law states that the police can't have a DUI check point unless it is a problem area. So now everywhere is a problem area and signs are posted. It doesn't mean that we are all a bunch of drunks here in Pa. Hiccup! Hiccup!

I regret to inform you that Cedar Point's newest roller coaster, Top Thrill Dragster will not be operational today, or tomorrow or probably any day that you decide to visit our park. Please accept our apologies.

First you had "unfairly high expectations" about Kennywood. That is generally a no-no when it comes to new-to-you parks as high expectations generally lead to big letdowns.

Kennywood is one of those parks where you can breathe and relax. You're not bombarded like theme parks tend to do.

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