Kennywood 8/19 (Sun, Rain, and Stillers)

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Tuesday, August 22, 2006 11:36 AM
Well, being a former employee of the famed park and knowing what's going on, I decided that it's time to pay my yearly visit. The travel there was quick and easy, 10 minutes. Although, I had to tie my shoe once, I still made it right as the gates opened up.
(For those of you who don't know, I live close to the park)

Still like the new entrance, the old one had that access road which made crossing it and driving on it difficult. It's very open and makes for easy navigation.
I got in and decided to take the rotation counter-clockwise starting with the old mill.
Old Mill (Garfield's Nightmare), wasn't too bad. I feel all they did was just theme it for the kiddies and their families. Theming overall was nice.

Next up was the classic Jack Rabbit. Ever since they added the fins and magnetic/pneumatic braking system, this ride changed a whole lot. People told me they changed the seatbelts from the good 'ole leather clip to those car-type belts.
Well, waiting in the long line, they were stacking horribly. They hit interval about 1 time per 20 times, usually right as the 2nd train hits the lift. So we get to the station and we already have trouble with those seatbelts. Now I see the reason for bad stacking. Overall, the ride was great as always despite the seatbelt. 9/10

Next up, we hit the Racer. I was told they got new seats, bars, and what?!? Seatbelts? With a divider?!? Well, let's see how this will go. Where did they hire this crew from? DHS*? They were rap dancing, rapping, hanging from the rails over the track and just screwing around. It took forever for the line to move. The trains sat in the station forever as they slowly walked and talked in the ghetto accent. I finally got to the train and encountered a problem; The seatbelt and divider gave me soo much hassle. Eventually I got in. Well...both trains were in and waited like 3 minutes for them to hit the button to lower the bar. By the time that happened...they then 'raced' each other to check the bars, skipping many in the process. Not very professional. Anywho, the ride was great as always. Then proceded to talk to a sup about them.

Next up, I relaxed my anger on the train and talked to another friend who was there.

So next up was the T-Bolt. Great coaster, crew worked well, and just always unique to ride that classic. I wish all other parks would perform great maintenance on their wood coasters just like KP.

Time to break and eat at the Patch. What is this, they gave me a fork? Must've heard people's comments about the lack of a fork. Napkins were a nother story, they were out at the time, heh.
After the patch, I met up with a few former co-workers and chatted for a while.

Next up was the Pitt Fall, well the line detracted me even with 3 sides working. So I went to the exterminator. The sign posted 1 hour, I figured it was less. Only waited 10 min outside. Inside, we were moving VERY FAST. I did notice the op was bunching up to get 3-4 per car instead of usually putting 2. Props to the Ext/Whip crew. However halfway through, I noticed something was wrong, the background rumble quit, and the TV's went off. An E-STOP was called due to....guess what...Someone lost their keys. The op came to talk to me and then told the crowd about it and the Loose articles spiel. So later on, it went up and I boarded a car with another couple. This ride was running fast. The lift was faster, the trims were off, and the spin was insane. I got off this ride barely able to walk.

Well, I was able to walk and took a relaxing ride on the WHIP. Dave the ride-op was at his best making amusing spiels that this is the Best Ride in the Park. This ride was great, too bad they're aren't many left if there is any others out there.

Swingshot looked appealing at the time, but the line and constant problems with the ride turned me down. I would like to ride this soon, maybe it will be up during Fright Nights.

Now, it started to rain a bit, we ran to the Playdium. 12 minute rain delay. After that, we rode the Pirate ship. I love this because it goes higher and longer than any other ship I've been on.

After that, it's time to take on the PR, the Arrow/Morgan Hybrid Hyper smoother and faster than Magnum, ranks 2nd only to Millenium Force on my list. Two train operation ate up all the line. Now entering the station, they got auto-speils for everything, including when to dispatch and if the lift hill and blocks are clear. Fast crew ever since my ex left, ha. They were dispatching once trains hit the 2nd hill top. That quick. Great ride overall.

Part 2 in about 45 min. *** Edited 8/22/2006 4:12:47 PM UTC by DJTheC***

Tuesday, August 22, 2006 12:53 PM
After the PR, I was hoping for the Flying Rug to be open, nope. Too bad this ride isn't featured in other parts.

After that, I redid the rotation again until the 2nd rainstorm after the racer and eating at where TCBY once stood. At that moment, the PA system went on to broadcast the Preseason football game. I questioned that and then realized that this is Pittsburgh. Football out ranks anything, so Kennywood decided this, "Let's play the radio broadcast and keep the people here longer." Still, it's only a preseason game.

My views on the changes, ever since I left, I seen many changes from uniforms to seatbelts and operations. The additions of auto-spiels on most rides worried me until I noticed an improved sound system to go with it instead of the folded horns. I could actually understand what was being said.

Well, my next trip will be at Fright Nights, hopefully it will be great as it has been the past years.

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