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Sunday, August 20, 2006 11:05 AM
I had followed the weather constantly before making this trip. Safe to say luck and the higher powers made it all good yesterday, as it didnt rain until we were getting in the car to leave.

Got there early at about 930 figuring the park would open at 10, but it opened at 11 probably should have checked operating hours but i took for granted a 10 o clock opening time.

No biggy once we got my first timer cousin in and my mom who always tags along on trips we waited until 1030 and 11 for the rides to open. Of course PR was the way to start and it didnt dissapoint reestablishing itself as probably my favorite steel coaster out, cause that thing was just about air time. Really well designed for itself and my cousin thought it was right on par with his favorite millennium force, so speaks volumns for a 12 year old to me.

Then we did the exterminator which sported a smaller line about a 10 minute wait or so, and also reminding me of how good a mouse can be. Just great times there. We also hit the whip while we were in the area and loved every minute of it.

Swing Shot was running one side, but was like 15 minutes and i seemed to enjoy it a bit more with my hands up, which i have never dared to try on Skyhawk yet. That really maximizes the thrill of the ride, and my cousin once again truly enjoyed this ride.

Racer and Jack Rabbit- Great race on the Racer which was what really made the ride good. Jack Rabbit the double down/dip was just as good as always and really thought it was probably the best of the wood to me.

We tried the old dark ride the Gold Rusher, reminded me of the good old days of the pirate ride at Cedar Point, and wished they had never gotten rid of it. They need to close off areas of the ride so you cant see other people in the ride and the operator, but the spider thing awesome, scared the heck outta me. Did a few other rides like the Aero 360 and the Pittfall, which is still having problems with a tower. Also thunderbolt and the turtle.

All in all my cousin who is used to parks such as Cedar Point and Geauga Lake was really happy and enjoyed the park which kinda surprised me. This park has so much charm and such great things always to do, especially the smaller arcade which had some great arcade games, from the 90s which i throughly used to enjoy. Great food and gift pricing, sorry no patch fries as im not one for actual potatoe fries although i did try them last year. I have to make at least one trip a year to Kennywood now, because that place has truly won me over as a fan.

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Sunday, August 20, 2006 5:14 PM
Glad to hear this.

This park has also made me a fan of smaller more intimate parks.

I would recommend visiting KW as soon as possible for anyone. As well as Knoebels and CLP. Of the larger parks, Hershey would have to take the cake right up there with CP.

Sunday, August 20, 2006 7:18 PM
Try to do as many of the PA parks as possible. They each have something special.

Lakemont is another must-visit park for coaster fans with Leap the Dips and Skyliner, both ACE classics. Leap the Dips is the oldest operating coaster anywhere and the last remaining side-friction coaster.

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