Tuesday, January 2, 2001 10:50 AM

With all the talk about SFMM, CP and SFO, I thought I wood start a subject about a park REALLY worth talking about, Kennywood. I really love this park, the history, the atmosphere and particularly the WOOD coasters. I haven't been to the park in about seven years, is there anyone that can give me an update on the park? How things have changed, new rides, construction updates on Phantom's Revenge? I would appreciate it as Kennywood is on my short list of must do parks for 2001.
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Tuesday, January 2, 2001 11:10 AM
I dont know Simcoaster, I'm kind of enjoying the lack of Phantom's Revenge publicity since the announcement. Maybe we can expect 15 minutes lines to continue!

Kennywood seems like the park that benefits most from local love, not international fame.
Tuesday, January 2, 2001 12:00 PM
The best ride theree IS NOW the Aero 360. It is a ride that spins you forwrd then back. It depends where you sit in the ride. The PitFall is an okay ride too. This is a Vekoma made drop tower. They still have The Racer, Thunderbolt(Pippen), and the JackRabbit. The Steel Phantom WAS the best thing there. But now they took it out. The park is proboly still the same. They didn't really do any construction. But now there reenginering the Steel Phantom into Phantom's Revenge.
Tuesday, January 2, 2001 1:50 PM
You need to experience the Lost Kennywood area at night. It's probably one of the most beautiful sites park areas in existence with the water fountains and lights. :)
I think they also redid the inside of Noaha's Ark a few years back too. Last year was the first I was to Kennywood so I wouldn't know if it was changed in the last seven years or not.
Exterminator is a very cool ride also. Ride it first thing in the morning since it stays busy all day.
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