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Thursday, August 2, 2001 11:34 AM
Kennywood is a great place; I just hate getting there
I have to say how much I love the Pennsylvania Interstate system. I feel real safe seeing big yellow sign like
“watch out for people D:U:I”
“Beware of aggressive drivers”
“Fender benders, please full of to the side of the road”
I don’t see theses sign on my way to work! I also love how sings like “376 south next right, exit only ” are in the far left lane. Another sign said “Route number will change” as if they like to rotate the route numbers to confuse people. . Anyways how we arrived without getting lost or killed:)

Arrived around 11:30 and walked right in due to a fully staffed gate crew. Skies’ were sunny, but had this smoggy gloom to it. Head right to........

Phantoms Revenge A, A++ for the logo.
Rode it 4 times with a good sample of seats, 4-2,7-2 (back), 1-2 and 1-1 at night. Intense would be an understatement, this thing throws you around with reckless abandoned. Every little dip and turn threw my body in a different direction. The double down is the best element, nothing like being tosed up and down then, up and back down in a matter of seconds.

The ride is near perfect, and could be the best decision any park has made for installing a “new” ride. Last year at about the same time I was cruising into the valley saying “I want to get off Steel Phantom”. Now I feel the best part is the second half of the ride.

The only thing I did not like about it is it is a tad to short for my liking, it left be wanting more which is why I had to ride it 4 times. The lap bars are suited for smaller people, not me. Even with the belt tight I would slam into the bar and even though it doesn't hurt, I felt squandered from feeling that awesome ejector air. Still only one train, which is kind of odd because it’s already august. Do trim brakes take that long to install find it funny that the wheels are still Arrow, yet it rides nothing like an arrow!

Still, I left the ride feeling buzzed and it is one of my favorites. I feel it is a mix between MF and Magnum, but the result is a little less than desirable. The speed in the first half of the ride I feel is still pale compared to MF and the ejector air on the second half is a little weaker than Magnum, perhaps because the lap bars. Then again I’m used to riding Magnum with no trims and slick rails.

T-Bolt B
One night ride made me gain more respect for this Twister. Those Drops into darkness are the best. Since there is little airtime, I think the bench seats actually make the ride uncomfortable from trying to avoid hitting, but ending up hitting your riding partner.

Jack Rabbit B-
Double Down is the best part. Still a fun ride, especially with those trains

Racer C
No airtime and only a few laterals. They were racing poorly most of the day, which takes away the fun. And why do people not like to slap hands on this ride! Still encredly smooth for its age and I like how you can just smells the oil on the track. Kudos to KW Maintenance

Exterminator A-,
I honestly did not know this was a spinning wild mouse until it started spinning. Fun Ride, I think every park should have something like this

Other Grades
Lighting A- Chaser lights in all the right places on TB and Racer. I love the lack of lighting in the ravine drops. The fountains look immaculate at night. PR needs some lights on the lift and second hill. It would be awesome to see lights similar to MF on the second hill, especially from the ravine turn
Flat Rides A. The most unique collection of flats anywhere. Aero 360 was closed the entire day though.
Food, Merchandise A++. The Fries are the best and the food is cheap! Part of the reason why I spent just as much money at Kennywood for one day compared to 4 days at SFWoA this year (with the Season Pass even).
Capacity A- Never had to wait in line for anything that long with at least 2 trains on everything except for PR. Even that had great Dispatch times and the line was never more than 45 minuets.
Staff- A Friendly for the most part.
Cleanliness A Nothing Wrong here

Closing F. Basically I felt the parks attitude was get the hell out. Instead of a gradual flow out everything was closed with no Warning, which caused a mass exodus. We were in line for a Drink at the end of the night and this guy told us to get out of line because the place was closed! It not like I was asking for them to fire up the grill or fry some more fries. I can't believe the park wouldn't want any more of my money. Is it that difficult to dispense carbonated beverages? I guess being in line for a ride at the end of the night is not the same as bring in line for a drink. All the lights were turned out before we left.

Another think I thought was funny was the Music in line for PR and the”DJ’s”, which is just played in a continues loop. One time the guy said something along the lines of “Thank you for visiting Kennywood and not those Ohio Parks. If you were there you would have to drink water out of Lake Eire, yuck” I’m sure water from the river down by the old steel mills is much better than lake Erie water. :)

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Thursday, August 2, 2001 11:49 AM
Ah, another virgin to the Pittsburgh highway system! The DUI and aggressive driver signs are the bigget joke that PennDOT ever thunk up! I'm sure all of us Pittsburgher's are pissed-off drunks! :)

Sounds like you had a mostly good time! The closing at nights is most unusual than most parks, as they do not define a "set" closing time. It mostly depends on the crowds in the park on the given day. I, myself, have been in the park as late as 1:00 am in year's past. I find it unusual that if you were already in line for refreshments, that they refused to serve you because they closed.

Those annoying DJ's in the PR line are the B-94 morning show goons. They try to be silly, but I won't say what they really make themselves out to be!

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Thursday, August 2, 2001 11:51 AM
Great trip report. I'm really looking forward to visiting this park for the first time next friday. I just hope that its not too packed, since I will not be able to spend the entire day there.

I'd Rather Be Riding Rollercoasters
Thursday, August 2, 2001 6:04 PM
It was around 10:15 PM when everything was shut down, which was odd because I thought the crowds were somewhat heavy. I too have heard people staying much later than that.

Oh Well, I still Love Kennywood :).
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Friday, August 3, 2001 9:30 AM
Great TR! It sounds you had a great time at Kennywood.

Apparently Kennywood has been having issues with installing the trims on PR. The brackets to hold the new magnetic trims are attached to the track's spine but ther are not operational yet. Maybe one of the Kennywood experts here on Coasterbuzz can elaborate on what they know.

It is a shame that Aero 360 was closed all day. Many regard it is their favorite non-coaster ride. But it is great to hear that you had a great time otherwise!
Friday, August 3, 2001 3:14 PM
Short but sweet with no details:

Don't expect the Phatom trims this season.
Don't expect the Roll-O-Plane this season.
Don't expect the Aero 360 this season.


"Let's go out and have some fun!" (New Order)
Friday, August 3, 2001 6:44 PM

The Phantom trims don't surprise me, neither does it really bother me. Untrimmed rides are fun!

The Roll-O-Plane doesn't bother me as well. Though it's a fun ride, I don't actually ride it all that much.

The third one's a killer, if only because that line takes up a big chunk of people (away from the other rides). With it down, I guess lines all over the park will be a bit longer.

Maybe you can elaborate when you get a chance, KPJB?

Matt Lynch
Co-Webmaster, Kennywood Boulevard

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