Kennywood 7/2/10 Another Sky Rocket review

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Since Kennywood has a new coaster felt it was worth posting a Kennywood report even though I've done quite a few in the past.

Was greeted by the signs that Sky Rocket was closed and that it may reopen later. Yeah that was disappointing. The good thing was Kennywood was not all that crowded. The better thing Sky Rocket opened a little bit after 430 in the afternoon and I happened to be in the area right before it started to test and beat a majority of the people to it. It was under 30 minutes from standing there before testing to being on the ride. Certainly has the look of a ride that they are scrambling to get open. The ride area where the turnpike was is nothing but bare dirt. Lots of tools and tool boxes scattered under the station. Lots of maintenance people were in the station some I believe were from Premier or at least what I thought was the premier logo on their shirts in addition to Kennywood maintenance people. I'm trying to say it appears to be a work in progress like any new ride. Hard to judge dispatch times because everything isn't polished yet. The ride itself is really quiet running, really smooth, and pretty fun. The semi-hold at the top is a pretty nice touch. Yes there is airtime. Yes there is airtime in the inversions which is different. I can't give a seat by seat experience but if you follow the guidance if you are taller to sit in rows 1, 2, or 5 it is comfy. The first part of the ride is much more intense than the second part which does not have a lot to it. It is a short ride, but considering the area of the park that was expected. Fun ride and a nice addition, but probably not worth hours for a wait. Was posted as 1.5 hour wait in the evening. Only other observation is wow does this thing sit right by the road. In the last 10 years or so didn't a car go crashing into the Grand Prix Building?

Phantom. At the height of the day only a 5-10 minute wait with two trains. Seems to be running really well. They fixed the awkward transition before the second drop but for the life of me I can't tell if it is exactly the same as it was before.

Other waits: Thunderbolt 5-10 minutes. Exterminator walk on in the morning was outside in the afternoon. Racer 20 minutes which we seemed doomed to whenever you go to Kennywood because I think it was Dave that said that seat belts kill capacity and in this case they made dispatches really slow. Jackrabbit 15-20 minutes as well. Good day made great by being pretty lucky with a new coaster.

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