Kennywood 6/15/02 Part 1

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First, let me say that this was easily the best Amusement Park trip that I have EVER made!! It wasnt just the park, it was the great people that I was with.. Anyway..

I was going to Kennywood because one of my friends was graduating from High School about an hour and a half away from Kennywood. I was invited to go, and it just happens that good friends of the family are related to my friend, so I was getting a ride from them.

We left Friday morning around 11:00. I was with my friends Aunt (She is such a great person) and her daughter (Age 19). We got onto the PA turnpike for the 5 hour drive. It wouldnt have been bad but with all the construction, it took longer than expected. We finally got to Monroeville (right outside of Pittsburgh) and checked into our Red Roof Inn.

At about 7:00 we went off to meet another family member and his wife. These were great people! Funny, friendly and just knew how to have a good time. We went to the Strip District of Pittsburgh and ate at a great sandwich resteraunt. Our waiter was very friendly, and just made the experience even better.

We took a tour of the city afterwards.. Wow! Pittsburgh is a beautiful city. Theres so many new buildings (Including the Heinz field, which looks incredible btw) and it just looks like a great party town. We got back to our hotel around 11 after stopping for ice cream, set our alarms to 8:00 and went to sleep.

So we woke up at 8:00 and got on the road at about 9:00. We stopped at a great 50's diner until 9:30 and had a great breakfast.. Although we did have quite the experience with a mean waitress by the name of Babett... Anyway, so we are on the road at 9:30 and we get to the park at 10:00. Now, we would have been there sooner if we didnt get lost....

It was in the low 60's and rain was forcasted (And boy did it come!) so everyone was bundled up. We get out and wait for everyone to come. At about 10:15 everyone arrives and I can already tell im going to have a great time.

I meet up with my friend, as well as his 2 brothers (also my friends) and their parents. Then I meet more relatives, more cousins and more friends of the family. Everyone was so nice to me and made me feel very welcome.

When the park opened, we RAN to the picnic tables so that we would be able to have a little BBQ for lunch. Then, off I went with my new friend, by the name of Chris, to Phantoms Revenge!!!

I had ridden Steel Phantom and let me say, that I was really hoping that this was better. So we get to the ride, its closed, but we wait it out and it finally opens. We get first train of the day in the second to last row..

Phantoms Revenge: This ride is just so visually impressive. The way it dives into the ravine is incredible and just the colors are great. The ride starts off by going up the lift and doing about a 150ft diving drop and then lifts into the second hill. Some floater airtime on the second hill. Then, you dive into the ravine. The speed on this thing is killer! The G-forces are just pushing me down and we swoop into an elevated turn. Then, you dive back down and hit a sharp turn up into a 180 turn. Then come the camelbacks. This is EJECTOR airtime!! I mean, wow! I had to brace myself it was so strong. The double down was great too but the 2 hops into the station were dissapointing..

We decided to get up to the front so we go on again (no wait) into the second row. This was even better! The same great airtime, less rough, and with awesome airtime on the hills into the station.

To sum it up, this ride is a VAST improvement on the Steel Phantom. Its fast, crazy, smooth (there was one rough) transition though... Then again, I honestly dont care!) and gives some awesome airtime. Only problem is, that the airtime can be painful because of the hard plastic lapbar. I give it a 9.5/10 and it takes the number 2 spot on my top 10 steel roller coasters.

After this we rode Pitfall, great drop ride! 7/10.

Then we hit Exterminator! This was my first time on this ride. Last time I was at Kennywood, The Exterminator was being built. Once again, there was no line, so we got right on. I had heard conflicting reviews about this ride, but I had an open mind. This was easily the best wild mouse I have ever been on! The lack of brakes, the great drops, and the spinning just made the ride great. I give it an 8.5/10.

After that, we hit Noahs Ark. I had never been on this before so I was looking forward to it. I still dont understand how a Mine Shaft fits in with everything, but whatever! It was great fun. Definately a great ride. 7/10.

Part 2 will come later.. Im too tired now to finish.

Great TR, so far. Yeah, I don't think anyone knows what the mineshaft and the flooding room have to do with Noah's Ark. I miss the old entrance through the whale's mouth and the extensive use of black lights.
The elevator is to take you up Mt. Ararat but fails and you plunge into the catacombs. The bathosphere?? Your guess is as good as mine.

I miss the whale with the squishy tongue.

The bathospere is intended to bring you back to the surface. However, its not like you were planned to be down there anyway.

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