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It was my first of two planned days at Kennywood this year. I got to the park at 10:45. Since I had just turned 55 and had a coupon from Giant Eagle, my park admission was only $6.95! What a bargain!

I heeded my own advice and immediately headed to Lost Kennywood to ride Exterminator. It was a walk on when it opened at 11. I know about the hour long waits that this ride can have later in the day. Great ride as always. Next it was on to Phantom's Revenge and a 2-train wait. Phantom was great as usual with twisting turns and lots of airtime in addition to the big drops. Swing shot followed. Only one arm was operating but the wait was one cycle. It was good but I had expected it to be a bit more intense.

After crossing over to the other end of the park I went to Jack Rabbit. They already had 2 trains running on it. I got to ride it in the last car and rode the drops including the double-dip with hands off as everyone says that you should. Racer was next. Even though that first drop leaves something to be desired, the rest of the ride makes up for it with all of those twists and drops and some nice airtime at the very end. Log Jammer followed. It was a bit rougher and a lot wetter than I remember from past rides. I believe that this is one of the best of the Arrow flumes but it appears to need some work on the top of the second lift to remove the roughness.

After a ride on the Turtle, I headed to Small Frys and had the chicken and fries combo. Good and a good value at $4.95 plus $1.85 for a drink. KW food prices include the tax except in the Parkside Cafe.

I then decided to focus on flat rides for a while. Wave Swinger was fun as usual and the Whip gave that good whipping action that is expected. Kangaroo was a ride that I hadn't ridden for a long time. It had that great airtime that makes it such a fun ride. Flying Carpet and Enterprise gave good thrills as well. The carousel was really beautiful and was playing marches and patriotic music.

I waited until now to ride Thunderbolt because it is easier to get paired up with another single rider when the ride gets busier. Great ride as always and 2-train operation. It just seems that some of the older wooden coasters don't get the respect that they once did now that so many newer woodies have been built.

Next, back to Phantom. It was still one train but they added the second train when I was about 6 trains from riding. 40 minute wait but the ride had warmed up and was really kicking a** now. The airtime was outrageous. I was to get another ride in on each of Phantom, Jack Rabbit and Racer later.

The train ride was relaxing as usual and the darkrides are a lot of fun. Some purists critize KW for the Garfield's Nightmare changes but the ride sure is popular with its 20-30 munite wait. Gold Rusher still provides that classic darkride experience even though it only dates from the 1980s. Noah's Ark is still fun but for some reason, the shaking floors weren't operating. The Ark's rocking still made things interesting.

I finally left the park at 6:15 to get home. I do plan to stay for the evening next time.

Overall everything was good. The weather was perfect, temperature in the 80s. The park was well landscaped and clean as usual. There were lots of families at this family-friendly park along with a considerable number of well-behaved teens that were there to have fun. The staff was friendly and very concerned about safety. Lines, except for that one ride on Phantom and Garfield were aquite short. Two rides were not operating. Aero 360 was still down awaiting repairs and Pitt Fall was having maintaince work done on it.

Arthur Bahl

I was there too.

Did you watch the"dashund"race?

Turned out to be a nice day after 3:00

Rode the swingshot,was getting a little nervous watching it while I was in line(getting too old).Turned out to be a very cool ride,just intense enough.

Racing whippet 76-77
No dashund race. Too interested in Phantom. Also I wanted to get those darkrides in.

Arthur Bahl


Six dollars and ninety five cents.

Less than seven dollars.

The locals who complain about "high" prices at Kennywood have NO clue what they're talking about.

Sounds like a good visit.

"You seem healthy. So much for voodoo."

They also complain if they have to wait more than ten minutes to get on a ride.
Pitt Fall did end up opening around 7 or 8, but with only 2 sides running.

It really was a great day there. You could tell how much fun people were having just by looking at their faces--families, teenagers, everyone.

The Giant Eagle deal is good through Monday July 3. $8 off on any all-day ticket with a coupon from the store.

KW also has several "bargain days" when admission is $12.95 for everyone 3 to 55 and $8.95 for 55 and over. July 5 is the next one. They also have a regular after 5PM admission for $14.95 for ages 3 to 55 and $8.95 for 55 and over for those who want to spend an evening at the park.

The one thing that KW doesn't have is season tickets. They just don't want the park to become a teen hangout that drives the families away.

Arthur Bahl

I haven't taken advantage of it yet this year, but the after-work $15 admission is something I love -- I live in Squirrel Hill, less than 6 miles from the park.

Next weekend is my employer's annual Kennywood picnic, which is always a good time. For most of these people, that's their one visit to ANY amusement park every year.

"You seem healthy. So much for voodoo."

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