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Tuesday, May 13, 2003 9:23 PM
Got to the park about 11:00, its been raining off oand on for two days here, and it was a bit chilly. Add that to a tuesday in may and I was hoping for short lines. I wasn't disappointed.

Hit the racer twice, then jackrabbit, then racer twice more. Next we hit thunderbolt,the turtle, phantom, exterminator, the whip and pitfall. Then we hit king kahuna, the bayen kurve, and the bumper cars. Then it was time for lunch at 1:30. We got back and hit basically everything except Volcano, raging rapids and the shoot the chutes. 7 rides on racer total. here's my take on how things were running.

Phantom: one train op, still nice and smooth, still too damn short. I wish they'd make some sort of bypass for that bridge, for when there's no wait. Took 2 trips.

Exterminator: I hadn't ridden this one before, it was down last time I was there. Cute and fun ride. 2 trips on this as well.

Thunderbolt: seemed to be running slow today, so i was kinda disappointed. Only took 2 rides, one in the late morning and one about 4. It hadn't sped up much.

Jackrabbit: They had 2 trains going for some of the afternoon, which was the only 2 train op in the park (except of course racer and exterminator). Great in the back, a total snooze in the front. Also seemed a touch slow. It was 50-60 degrees out today, so I'm not 100% suprised.

Racer: racer was running well, and we got in a bunch of rides. Blue train won all of ours except one where the ops held blue about 5 seconds.

Pitfall: one of the sides was down. Longest lines we encoutntered. Took 2 rides.

King Kahuna was a top spin, what can I say except ouch? Maybe ouch in a high squeaky voice as I collapse from the pain? Yeah I hate the seats that much. Rode once. Holding people above the fountains is a nice touch. The theming in the area is pretty cute.

The Turtle was running great, the ride op seemed bored so I think he just left us on the ride until more people came, which was a LONG time. No complaints.

We also rode most of the rest of the flats except Volcano.

We actually ran out of stuff to do and left about 6:45 for dinner and decided not to return.

I like kennywood a lot, but they really could use another coaster. Preferably one that runs well in coldish weather.

Wednesday, May 14, 2003 11:23 AM
Soggy's avatar Wow, nice short lines! Although Phantom IS short, I didn't think it was "too short." It really feels like a complete ride, despite being by far the shortest track length of any hyper. It is also my #1 hyper.

SCREAM with me... in 2003!


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