Kennywood 5-16-09

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This is my first trip report on the site. I have been browsing here for years and am a member of Pointbuzz. I figured I would also join here, since I experience parks outside of CP and it is not my home park.

Kind of crappy with many rain showers. This however made for nice crowds and short lines. The wife and I went without the kids which made waiting for rain storms to end easier.


Rode many and will not get into all those details. I will just get into highlights.

- Thunderbolt: Running faster and smoother than previous years. Looks like much off season retrack was done.

- Phantoms Revenge: Yep, they screwed up the second hill's crest with the retrack here. I am not sure if they were trying to add another element and failed though. They originally tried to have a double up on the second hill in the early artist renderings. That never cam into play though.

- Ghostwood Estates: It still working as well as it opened. Even though I miss the Gold Rusher, this is a proper replacement. This ride however should have been placed down by the Racer like planned years ago for a Dark Ride there. The facade would have been great around the lagoon. You have to really be up in front on it in it location to see it.

- Log Jammer lost some trees between itself and the racer. It however got a fresh coat of paint on the main drop to loading which looks nice. They need to repaint the Racer though, this now exposes it history of wood replacement and inconsitent painting.

- Jack Rabbit: New camera added which I will utilize next year when my youngest is old enough to ride.

- BAYERN KURVE (yes all caps for this one): I never really had an attachement for this ride until it left. I however loved going onit again. This is now one of my favorite flats. Kennywood ddi an awsome job on the refurb of this ride. It looks brand new, I only hope one Mr Kurve had helped and got the forst ride (old friend from the park). Thank you lake for taking the Whipout off our hands...

Whip: Got a new paint job on the cars. Hope they move it back under a pavillion soon...

Noah's Ark: Christ, please complete the concept themeing. No one understand why they have an elavator that drops down and end with a water effect... Finish the stunts or redo it as it is a shell of what it was...

Old Mill: Skipped for obvious reason these days. However, Garfield may be out in the next few years. Maybe the pass by's, outdoor portions and non-kid theme will return. Damn locals with their vandalism and smoking weed in the thing that made origibnal managment do this to the ride instead of tearing it out. More security cameras would be a possible solution with enforment to restore this ride to its former glory.

The Top Spin and Sky Toaster (yes I spelled that the way I meant to) were both down. I could care less about both. I think this Huss piece of junk has seen its last years in the park soon (I hope). I undersatnd however why Sky Toaster is were it is, since peopel will basically pay their whole days admision equivalant for one ride on it... (insert the rools eyes here)

I still miss the Garden Stage and Swing Around on top (Sadly I was around for all three rides that were up there). I always thought this was an icon of the park. I also, miss Le Cachot (I loved Bill Tracey)


Always great and the price is probably about right. I never feel like I am getting ripped off with food. Did not get the Patch Fries this time though. Hell, I have three more trips to come for those, since I am local.

In closing it was a nice day. I heard the new owners have many plans for the park in the future. I am looking positive here on these changes and additions.

One a last note, I would like to give everyone a piece of advice that may be planning a trip, avoid Friday May 22. This is the Penn Hills picnic that is very rough all day. I will not get into many details here, but I called the park once before these days (After hearing how bad it was) and asked them questions. The PR person told me it should be fine since Penn Hill brings a bunch of police to help keep everyone under control. Yep, extended police to keep everyone under control is the day I want to go. What happens when a cop is not looking, well the park gets closed down early and the police go to the parking lots.

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