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I was browsing through various park's sites earlier. I went to check out Kennywood's site and noticed it said "Be sure to check here soon to discover what's new for 2007". It's under where it says they are closed for the season. Does anyone have an idea what they are planning for '07? Is there any chance for a new coaster?
No new coaster for 2007.
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It shouldn't be too long until the announcement is made.

Until then, enjoy the antici......


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Is that a hint? Are they redoing Garfield's Nightmare to The Rocky Horror Picture Show? ;)
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You're such a sweet transvestite, kpjb.

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I know what it is! Do I get a cookie?

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Neuski said:
Is that a hint? Are they redoing Garfield's Nightmare to The Rocky Horror Picture Show? ;)

...Let's do the TimeWarp agaiiiiiiiiin!

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If toast starts flying around, I'm so outta here...

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Jeff said:
I know what it is! Do I get a cookie?

Nope we only give pancakes as prizes on here ;)

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What about Kennywood 2010?! I just found out that Kennywood would be the Host Park for Coaster Con XXXIII. Does anyone think the freeway project will be done by then?

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I wouldn't count on the new highway getting finished by then, but, who knows what might be in Kennywood's future in 2010. Anything is possible!
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Is it a Lindy Loop?
Guys youre all wrong, its going to be a coaster themed to Rocky Horror: the Time Warp. Its going to be a 500 ft tall 20 loop duel launched shuttle coaster. And heres the twist, you will go slower through the circuit forward (150 mph) then backwards (300 mph!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

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^ Shhhhh!!!!


They don't need the highway to start thinking about using the new valley they bought as a place to put new rollercoasters. They can do that in '08 if they wanted to, and had it cleaned up. They do, however, need the new highway if they want to make a serious go at making the park larger and adding in a hotel & indoor waterpark resort. They need to make money on that property all year round, and to do it, that property needs to be a much shorter and easier drive to other parts of the city during the off season.

I'm not sure the exact status of the expressway from a Civil Engineering standpoint, but unless construction has alredy started, I wouldn't expect it anythime before 2010-2015... Big highway projects take time. Big highway projects in the mountains (aka Pittsburgh area) take longer...
^^ Well put, Isca.

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