Kennywood- A rainy May 17th

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Friday, May 17, 2002 7:45 PM

(This is the same trip report that I posted at Kennywood Boulvard.)

The day started out as a great looking day, sun shining, birds chirping, screaming, the usual sounds of Kennywood. Arrived around 11:20, decided to stop by PR first. Got in line and they were waiting in the last little area before the bridge. I assumed they had 2 trains running and we would have been off in 20 mins or so. They were only running one train with sandbags to test the train on the platform and the 2nd train on the transfer track. We waited around 45 mins for a seat in the next to last seat. The ride is still as good as always.

Hopped on the Thunderbolt next when I noticed the line was short. 2 trains made it even better. As I walked up I noticed the 2nd seat was open. My buddy and I took it and we got in. Behind us there was a single rider. There were numerous announcements about all single riders must check in with the ticket taker. This kid still went up. The ride operator(in not the best possible tone) said you must get out and we have to fill this seat. I know the ride op was right, but some people I know said "YOUR MEAN" to the ride op. It was just something I don't usually see at Kennywood.

I will try to move along here. The rest of the day included 2 on the Jack Rabbit(they were following the must load from the back thing which I don't like), 3 on exterminator(one with these crazy girls from Steel Valley and TJ with us), 2 on the racer, 2 Pittfall, a log jammer, Aero, swing around, and a couple other flats that I can't think of.

My mom collects stuffed bears from different parks and was glad she found 2 different sizes of bears with Kennywood on it during her usual gift shop raid. Also, for the ACErs going next sun, pastime which is located between the jack rabbit and racer, had a lot of prizes with the park name on it. I know I got a marble block with Lost Kennywood and 1995 on it. It wasn't that many tix either. The rain started around 4 and hasn't stopped yet. The park closed at 9 today but was still a pretty good day.


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