Kennywood - August 8, 2001

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Friday, August 10, 2001 2:01 PM
I went to Kennywood not having high expectations since I already went to CP and SFWoA. But I had a good time!

JackRabbit - 3.5/5 Laps:3
The double dip is awesome! That's my favorite woody drop ever. A short ride but a good ride non the less.

The Racer - 3/5 Laps:3
A fun racing ride that gives some airtime and has some neat drops. Not a very big coaster but still maks it's point pretty fast. If they would only take out the seat dividers!

Thunderbolt - 4/5 Laps:3
The retracking on the final two drops makes this coaster get a 4. I thought this coaster stunk before they retracked it but it got better. A good ride. 2nd only to Phantom's Revenge.

Enterminator - 4.5/5
This ride spun me silly! A great wild mouse ride. The theming is also very good. This ride's theming could be intimidating for a little kid though. I wasn't scared though.....:) j/k

Log Jammer - 3/5 Laps:1
SIT IN THE FRONT. These are the best seats on this ride. I got soaked on this ride.

Pittsburgh Plunge - 5/5 Laps:1
I got completely soaked on this. This ride is so good for hot days ike yesterday. A fun ride that I suggest riding if you go t Kennywood.

Raging Rapids - 3.5/5 Laps:1
I did't get the waterfall:) This ride also got me pretty wet. I didn't get as soaked as last year though :(

aero 360 - ?
It was boken down the WHOLE day :( :(

Enterprise - 4.5/5 Laps:4
I love this ride. It's a fun ride to get warmed up on to go on the Aero 360. This ride also has a lot of G's too. An awesome ride.

Pirate Ship - 4.5/5 Laps:3
This ride is also a great flat. Sit in the back to get airtime. Just a tip.

Swing Around - 3.5/5 Laps:2
Another great flat. This ride goes out and in out and in. A good ride though.

Bayern's Kurve - 3.5/5
This ride is fun. It never lets up through the entire ride. A pretty neat flat ride.

And finally the big green thing at Kennywood....
Phantom's Revenge - 5.5/5 :) Laps:4

I rode this ride before Millennium Force and thought that it was great. Going to Kennywood I didn't have high empectations for this ride because I figured Millennium Force was taller and better. It was but anyways, on my first ride i sat in the MIDDLE seat. It didn't impress me and was disappointed in it. Well, I figured I would try it again later in the back. For ride number 2 it was in the next to the back seat. Woooo. Did this ride move up on my list! I threw me out of my seat almost as much as MF and it's SHORTER! You have t ride this ride in the back. You will not be disappointed in the back!

FOOD: 5/5
Two words: Potato Patch.

All in all the park was pretty good. I would give it a 3.5/5. I went on all the coaster's at least 2 times. The water rides here are awesome!

Top 5 Coaster
1.X-Flight 2.Millennium Force 3.Superman Ultimate Escape 4.Raptor 5.Batman Knight Flight
Friday, August 10, 2001 4:35 PM
Aero 360 was down all day when I was there a week ago. I guess it isn't running right now. I agree with the Potato Patch! Try the fresh corn, it is great!

Sunday, August 12, 2001 6:01 AM
Come on, raptorfan, Bayern Kurve deserves more than a 3.5! :)

Chris B.
Sunday, August 12, 2001 12:21 PM
Fine Chris B. 3.6...:)

***The Phantom will have it's Revenge at Kennywood park.***
Monday, August 13, 2001 2:10 PM
I too was in the park on the Eight for: Week of Coasters part 4
I really enjoyed myself, the lineflow of Phantoms Revenge was a little strange, but it kept people from being crowded on the platform I guess. This is a great coaster, it is much more compact than I expected from photos.

Second, I rode Exterminator, a whole car to myself, the family that should have got on my car lollygaged and missed it. I was surprised by the somewhat scarry theaming. It needs better ventilation in the queue room.

I had a so so ride on Thunderbolt as my impromptu riding partner was soaked and makes me look skinny, Yuck. the ride would have been great otherwise, great intensity and use of terrain.

The Racer was fun. Myself and the guy in front of me tried in vain to explain to his girlfriend the fact that it is just one track with each train half the course apart.
I love the old fashioned station and the way it creeks.

I love JackRabbit, from the trains to the course. It is just a true classic with its break levers and leather strap restraints. I got to ride the back as the kids, that were at the front of the line, were too scared to ride there, they acted like I was doing them a favor,yeah right!
The crew on this ride was a little highstrung though.

Next Lunch in the big dinning room, what a strange meal, taco salad with fry's instead of chips???

Noah's Ark came next, the 4 year old in front of me was not amused, especially with the shakers and there loud bang, bang, bang.

Before I finally left to go find my Motel I got a ride in on Bayern Kurve, I love these things, it is like being stuck in a helix going faster and faster.

This is a really cool park, and for 20.95 what a deal.

Parks for 2001:
PKD,PKI 3x, CP 2x
HOLIDAY WORLD 2X, INDIANA BEACH 2X, Kennywood, Lakemont, Knoebels *** This post was edited by kneemeister on 8/13/2001. ***

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