Kennywood -- May 4, 2002

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Monday, May 6, 2002 5:28 AM
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After starting my trip at 6:30 am I drove from Detroit to SFWoA to validate my season pass and sneak a ride in on X-Flight. Once I got that out of the way, I called James K. to let him know where I was and that he was missing it. (Sorry James.) I got to Kennywood about 2 pm because I got lost for like a half hour to 45 min due to the various detours.

As soon as I got in the park, I went looking for the Phantom's Revenge queue. As soon as I found it, I got in. The hour wait was quite unbearable as they were only running one train. I spotted Jeff in the queue about eight people ahead of me, so I said hi. When I got to the station, I decided to wait for the front. It may have been another 15-20 minutes, but boy was it worth it. That coaster was incredibly smooth. Personally I'd put it up there as being almost equal to B&M smooth. Great head choppers and fantastic banked turns... especially that last turn into the station. 9/10.

After I was completely wowed, I went looking for the Thunderbolt. As soon as I noticed the "Must have a partner to ride" sign, I stopped. Luckily, a group of three was getting in line, so I jumped in with them. The wait at most was 10 minutes. Wow. What a coaster! Great drops, excellent turns! It was also quite smooth for being a woodie, and of that age. 9/10 during the day and 10/10 at night.

After Thunderbolt, I crossed the park to ride the Racer. After seeing RCT tracks that had the trains end up in a different station brake than it started, I was very excited to ride one. I was not dissapointed. I do have to say that I hoped for more hand-slapping turns, but alas, there was only one quality one. If you want more hand slapping time, your best bet was to be in the rear of the winning train (read: first dispatched) and in the front of the losing train. Good woodie though. 7/10

After the Racer, I headed over to the Jackrabbit. IT was a nice quick coaster with a 10 min wait. It seems to be a good coaster for starting the little ones. Not much to say about this one. 6/10

I thien remembered the Exterminator and went all the way back to Lost Kennywood to ride it. This wait was about as long as the wait for PR. Once I got into the building, I was a little dissapointed that the TV's could only be heard if you were right next to them, and even then it was hard to hear. Once I got in the car, I got a ride-op to snap a pic of me and I was off. The theming wasnt interesting to me, but I loved the cars spinning. I wish that period of the ride was longer. 6/10

At this point, I went over and caught Pitfall (5/10), then the Kangaroo (5/10). (Yes I did a lot of walking across the park, back and forth.) After that, I grabbed a taco and played a few games. I went back and caught another ride on PR in the freezing queue, then three more rides on Thunderbolt. I took a spin on the Turtle (5/10) and took a relaxing ride on the Gold Rusher(3/10), followed by another spin on the Racer.

Then I left the park and headed in the general direction of Cedar Point. (Yes another trip report is coming.)


Sunday, May 12, 2002 5:48 PM
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Hey man. Wanna buy some weed? Crack? Freepass on Millennium Force? I got the hook up...


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